Features designed to help you serve
your customers better

Live Chat
Intelligent, user-friendly and beautiful chat widget for your customer conversations. See More
Welcome Messages
Create custom and conditional Welcome Messages to greet your visitors automatically.
Away Messages
Always be present for customers even when your agents are offline by configuring Away Messages.
Lead Collection
Never let a lead slip away and gather contact details by using in-chat Lead Collection forms.
Quick Replies
Set up instant responses for repetitive and common queries to reduce response time.
Push Notifications
Set up interactive alerts for both your agents and customers for new messages in conversations.
Add your brand identity and color, and customize the chat widget to make it your own.
All-in-one Support
Accelerate your customer support with the power of all-in-one support platform.
Contact Management
Automatically fetch, edit and add information about your visitors, leads, and customers.
Conversation Routing
Select automatic or manual routing rules to assign conversation to your agents and bots.
Proactive Support
Send messages to visitors and customers for re-engagement, activation and customer success.
Team Roles
Manage your team, and assign roles and access permission level to each of your agents.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Create FAQs for generic and recurring customer queries and use them in the chat widget.
Bots and Automation
Do more with bots so your agents can concentrate on what only humans can do. See More
Bot Integration
Automate, be available 24*7 and accelerate your support by integrating AI-powered bots.
Pre-defined Bots
Integrate bots from Kommunicate’s gallery of smart bots to kickstart your support automation.
Custom Bots
Get custom automation workflows and bots which are made to tailor-fit your requirements.
Bot-human Handoff
Easily take over conversations from bot and hand it off to an agent at any point of time.
Smart Rich Messaging
Use rich messages using buttons, cards or lists for an exquisite support chat experience.
Connect your favorite apps and easily move data to-and-fro from Kommunicate.
Manage your contacts well using most love CRMs such as Zendesk and AgileCRM.
Bot-builder Platforms
Integrate bots made using bot-builder platforms such as Dialogflow and Microsoft Bot Framework.
Knowledge Base Management
Easily move your Helpdocs FAQs and Knowledge Base articles into chat using Kommunicate.
Contact Enrichment
Get to know the location, designation and organization details of your users by using Clearbit.
Hasslefree live chat for popular CMS such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify.
Reports and Analytics
Optimize your support efforts by tracking, measuring, reporting and analyzing the data
Reporting Dashboard
Get a holistic view of your overall team performance using powerful reporting dashboard.
Agent Wise Reports
Analyze and act upon each agent’s performance using granular agent wise reporting.
Optimize Support Metrics
Track and optimize essential support metrics such as response time and resolution time.
Weekly Reports
Get automatically generated weekly progress reports delivered straight to your inbox.
Downloadable Reports
Download complete reports in editable formats for sharing and your own data analysis.
Developer Friendly
Fast, multi-platform, secure and scalable tech infrastructure for businesses of all size.
Native SDKs
Integrate Kommunicate in your apps with powerful and customizable Android and iOS SDKs.
Hybrid SDKs
Powerful and easy-to-integrate Hybrid SDKs for Ionic and PhoneGap platforms.
Dedicated Hosting
Take complete control of your data by choosing from shared, dedicated and on-prem hosting.
Platform APIs
Build customer support platform your own way using our Platform APIs made for enterprises.
Agent Apps
Android and iOS apps for your agents to reply to the customer conversations on the go.