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Engage, convert and nurture students; help teachers and staff access information 24X7

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World’s leading educational institutions use Kommunicate


Reduce more than 80% of university service calls by directing service requests to chatbots

Provide a stellar student experience

Communication at universities does not have to be cumbersome. Make it easy for your students to get support and information instantaneously.

  • Find and apply for courses easily
  • Modernize the application process
  • Move orientation process online
  • Access financial aid and other information
  • Chat with experts for doubts and questions
Everything on fingertips

Digitize operations and communication for staff

Take your campus truly digital, and make your staff’s life easier by providing them vital tools to help students and themselves.

  • Help the staff find myriad of information
  • Search for amenities easily & access them
  • Effective collaboration between faculty, staff, and students
  • Easily avail parking, library, & other information
  • Help facilitate remote learning and teaching
Everything on fingertips

Simplify tasks for student service teams

Human + chatbot hybrid system to escalate issues. A fully managed platform for student service teams to handle live chat conversations.

  • Automatic chatbot to human handoff
  • Handoff to humans on request
  • Unified chatbot and live chat widget
  • Live agent dashboard to manage conversations
  • Access FAQs and create knowledge-base
Everything on fingertips

A full-fledged platform for managing customer support for educational institutions

Chatbot platform

Make your own education chatbots using AI chatbot builder, integrate any third-party chatbot, or request a custom chatbot from us - you have got them all.

Bot to human handoff

Seamlessly hand off the conversation to humans if the chatbot is unable to answer or the user wants to talk to the student service team for escalated issues.

Team dashboard

Easily manage, reply, and resolve customer conversations using the dashboard. Access relevant students and staff information.

Multiple support channels

Manage requests from multiple channels such as chatbots, live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, and other sources in one place.

Advanced analytics

Access actionable reports on the performance of your chatbots and university service team. Improve the student lifecycle experience at your institute.

Cross-platform integration

Easily integrate your chatbot with your websites, web apps, CMS, and mobile apps. Free integration support and guidance on request.

Jamenson Alvarez

Jamenson Alvarez

Latam Digital Marketing

Read Jamenson's story

After using Kommunicate, we saw an increase of 980% in customer conversations. The chatbot-based automation does a lot for us - trigger a conversation, resolve customer queries, and even generate business opportunities that we can redirect to our sales executives.

Tom Bulis

Tom Bulis


Read Tom's story

By shifting customer requests to Kommunicate chat, we automated many of the repetitive tasks that our customer service team performs daily. We have been able to automatically contain 60% of incoming customer service requests for Epic Sports.

Jitesh Karamchandani

Jitesh Karamchandani

Vakil Search

Read Jitesh's story

We were able to see a 20% dip in customer service request escalations in a few months using Kommunicate. Our waiting queues are dissolving much faster, and users are coming back to the chatbot, making it a preferred channel for escalating any question.

Srinivas Reddy

Srinivas Reddy


Read Srinivas's story

After we started using the Kommunicate chatbot, our team saved more than 2000 hours every month, which we were otherwise spending on doing repetitive tasks like answering FAQs. We were truly impressed with the way Kommunicate has evolved as a product over the last couple of years we have been associated with them.