What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, August 2018

For previous versions of Release Notes, head here.   Your preferred customer support platform just keeps getting better. In this version of release notes, we bring you lots of awesome feature releases, performance and speed improvements, and fixes. Editable Quick Replies We have made Quick Replies editable. While using any Quick Reply in the conversation […]

How to Automate Customer Support Using Emails, Calls and Chatbots?

Customer support, for most companies, has been a cost center. Especially, when responsibilities like account management and customer success have moved on to dedicated teams. Having said that, customer support is sometimes the only criteria that separate you from your competitors. How happy your existing customers are can determine how much revenue would you get […]

Dialogflow vs Rasa – Which One to Choose?

There are many chatbot platforms with NLP, such as: Rasa: Open source conversational AI Dialogflow Bot Framework Wit.ai Amazon Lex – Build Conversation Bots We evaluated most noteworthy of bot platforms for building chatbots for customer support and service industry. Finally, Dialogflow and Rasa came on top in our priority list. This article covers the […]

How to Deal With Angry Customers?

It is common for all the companies to come across a lot of unsatisfied and angry customers. There might be many reasons for customers to get angry. Sometimes it is acceptable and sometimes not, sometimes you can control it beforehand and sometimes not at all. Either you like it or don’t, you have to nurture […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, July 2018

At Kommunicate, we’re giving the world a better class of customer support software, one release at a time. This July, we released some awesome new features with perpetual design, speed, and usability improvements. What’s New Agile CRM integration Now you can integrate Agile CRM with Kommunicate to manage your customer relationship even more effectively. Also, […]

How to Get Feedback from Customers?

We all know that customer is the king. Keeping your customer happy or satisfied plays an important role in the growth of any business. But, there are many questions that need answers when improving customer happiness and satisfaction, such as: How do we know what the customer wants? How do we know if the customer […]

How to Add Live Chat Plugin to Website?

Live chat is a faster, personalized and economical way for your customers to talk to you. Live chat provides a far better experience than your age-old contact forms. Nowadays, every website is being powered by live chat plugins. In this post, we are going to talk about how you can add live chat plugin to […]

Agile Customer Support Teams – Tuesday Drill, Episode 2

Tuesday Drills are Kommunicate’s inter-team brainstorming sessions. Our team sits down on every alternate Tuesday with whiteboards, markers and ideas to find solutions to most common of business problems. We will be sharing the holistic view of each session in these series of episodes. Check the previous episodes here. The topic for Episode 2 is; […]

Why Customer Support is Important

In today’s environment, it is difficult for a company to sustain the competition as there are many companies with the same products and services. Now the concern is how does a company can differentiate from their rivals. Definitely, exceptional customer support can serve as one of the main differentiators.   Most of the companies fail […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, June 2018

A lot of people have fancy things to say about customer support, but it’s just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, persevering, compassionate kind of activity. – Christopher McCormick, Former CEO, L.L. Bean Christopher McCormick said that out loud – customer support is an important and grueling task at the same time. And we have you […]

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