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The Most Easy-to-Use Chatbot Builder for Websites, Mobile Apps & Messaging Platforms

Kompose is the most easy-to-use chatbot builder, with features like generative AI, buttons, forms, carousels, human handoff, and APIs, so you can provide the best positive experience to your customers while resolving their queries.

Integrate any third-party or custom made chatbots

A fully managed chatbot builder like none other

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Easy-to-Train Chatbot That Requires No-Coding Skills

Simply enter your URLs, upload your documents (PDFs, Docs, Spreadsheets), or integrate your Knowledge Base (Zendesk, Salesforce, Helpscout) to train the chatbot instantly. Use the flow builder to visualize the conversation flow.

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Foolproof Human + Chatbot Hybrid System

Things may not always go “according to plan” and hence, we have built a seamless chatbot to human hand-off feature where your chatbot can quickly transfer control to a live human agent to handle any escalations ensuring your customer queries never go unanswered.

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Multilingual Chatbot Builder with Omnichannel Messaging

Kompose supports more than 40 languages including Sapanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and German. Deploy the chatbot on any website or mobile apps buit on iOS, Android, Flutter, Ionic, and React Native. Support your customers on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Viber and more.

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Keep a Consistent Brand Tone Across All Channels

With Kompose, you can customize the tone of the chatbot to match your company's brand. Use your logo and brand colors to maintain consistent branding across all channels.

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Analytics to Analyze and Improve Chatbot Performance

Take the guesswork out with accurate and actionable insights, and find opportunities to improve bot performance. Enhance your agent performance by identifying low-performing agents and training them to drive revenue with excellent support.

Uplifted CSAT Score by 40%
"We improved our CSAT score, resolution time, and first contact time by constantly analyzing the conversations and instantly acting upon them."
Mushra Hartley

Mushra Hartley

Head of Operations, Lula

Mushra Hartley

Mushra Hartley

Head of Operations, Lula

90% of queries automated
"Kommunicate helped us champion self-serve for our customers. Our customers save more than 4,000 hours each month with the AI chatbot."
Carlos De Lieto Vollaro

Carlos De Lieto Vollaro

Customer Experience Manager, Conte.IT

Carlos De Lieto Vollaro

Carlos De Lieto Vollaro

Customer Experience Manager, Conte.IT

Frequently Asked Questions

A chatbot builder refers to software that is utilised to ideate, create and implement chatbots across various media. Earlier, chatbot builders needed skilled developers or coders, but advancement in this technology has enabled users to build chatbots without code. Bot builders such as Kommunicate’s Kompose offer an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to easily build the required chatbot.

There are various chatbot builders that offer a variety of solutions to businesses in need of automated customer support. Selecting the right chatbot builder that suits your business needs will make all the difference in the chatbot you can create. Kommunicate’s AI-powered chatbots and smart automation come with customer support for modern teams including omnichannel support and codeless bot integration that is highly customizable.

    The benefits of chatbot builders are multifold:
  • Chatbots help you reach more people and grow your business.
  • Chatbots offer a smooth customer journey.
  • Personalised messages mean you can use chatbots for lead generation.
  • Chatbots reduce customer service costs.
  • Chatbots help you manage conversations during peak hours without adding more support experts.
  • You can better analyse customer data, seeing how well the bot performs in terms of sales generated and how people engage with the business.
  • Chatbots help you save precious time, by answering repetitive queries.

    • Follow these 5 simple steps to create a chatbot for your website:
  • Step 1: Log in to the Kommunicate Dashboard
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Kompose section, and select your Bot from the dropdown list.
  • Step 3: Create a Welcome message for your chatbot
  • Step 4: Create answers for your bot in the answers section
  • Step 5: Test your chatbot

  • While chatbots are great at automating simple tasks, acquiring a chatbot that suits your business requirement can be challenging. A no-code chatbot builder can help you here, such as Kommunicate’s Kompose which helps you train several Chatbots according to your specific requirements, ensuring that your customers are never left without adequate support.

    A custom chatbot when outsourced to external agencies might run up operation costs, and even have issues with customization patterns. But this does not have to be the case with Kommunicate’s granular pricing that helps your business scale with time. You could begin with our Start plan and upgrade as your company’s chatbot-centric support needs grow with time.