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Talk to your website visitors, collect emails and book meetings using chatbots that are always available - 24*7, round the year

Automate customer support

Chatbots can easily handle initial customer support questions and resolve 61% of the queries without any human involvement

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Greet your users proactively and engage them in a conversation to build qualified lead pipeline and meaningful customer relationships

A fully managed chatbot platform like none other

bots and automation
Powerful, NLP-based chatbot builder
  • Built over a powerful, robust conversational AI system
  • Simple and intuitive GUI that requires zero coding skills
  • Rich messaging support for a smooth conversation flow
bots and automation
Foolproof human + chatbot hybrid system
  • Built-in conversational workflows for generic small talk
  • Smooth chatbot to human hand-off for escalated issues
  • Live chat system to fully manage customer conversations
bots and automation
Make one chatbot, use everywhere
  • Multiple language support for your global audience
  • Customizable chat widget for websites and mobile apps
  • Deploy the chatbots on native and hybrid mobile apps
bots and automation
Advanced custom actions for your chatbots
  • Extract entities and use them in the conversations
  • Easily import and export your chatbots in Kompose
  • Perform custom actions by fetching data from your backend
bots and automation
Much more than just a chatbot builder
  • Measure effectiveness by advanced intent analytics
  • Connect your knowledge-base to fetch answers from it
  • Instantly connect with your other third-party tools

Integrate any third-party or custom made chatbots

Dialogflow ES

Integrate bots made in Google's powerful bot builder Dialogflow, codeless-ly

Dialogflow CX

Add chatbots from Google's new and advanced visual chatbot builder

Amazon Lex

No code integration of bots made in Amazon's AI service, Lex

IBM Watson

Codeless integration of bots made with IBM Watson Assistant

Custom Bot

Add any custom-made or third-party bot in live chat using Kommunicate

Jamenson Alvarez

Jamenson Alvarez

Latam Digital Marketing

Read Jamenson's story

After using Kommunicate, we saw an increase of 980% in customer conversations. The chatbot-based automation does a lot for us - trigger a conversation, resolve customer queries, and even generate business opportunities that we can redirect to our sales executives.

Tom Bulis

Tom Bulis


Read Tom's story

By shifting customer requests to Kommunicate chat, we automated many of the repetitive tasks that our customer service team performs daily. We have been able to automatically contain 60% of incoming customer service requests for Epic Sports.

Jitesh Karamchandani

Jitesh Karamchandani

Vakil Search

Read Jitesh's story

We were able to see a 20% dip in customer service request escalations in a few months using Kommunicate. Our waiting queues are dissolving much faster, and users are coming back to the chatbot, making it a preferred channel for escalating any question.

Srinivas Reddy

Srinivas Reddy


Read Srinivas's story

After we started using the Kommunicate chatbot, our team saved more than 2000 hours every month, which we were otherwise spending on doing repetitive tasks like answering FAQs. We were truly impressed with the way Kommunicate has evolved as a product over the last couple of years we have been associated with them.