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Unleash the power of WhatsApp chatbot

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Unleash the power of WhatsApp chatbot

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application globally with over 1.5 billion users

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Stay connected with your customers 24X7

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Scale your business through Kommunicate's WhatsApp chatbot

  • Generate more leads
  • Reduce customer support cost
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction score
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Create your WhatsApp chatbot in 3 simple steps

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Step 1

Build a chatbot

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Integrate chatbot with WhatsApp API

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Test your chatbot

A NO-CODE hybrid chat-bot builder like none other

  • Powerful and robust conversational AI system
  • Simple and intuitive GUI that requires zero coding skill
  • Rich messaging support for a smooth user experience
  • Seamless chatbot to human handoff for complex queries
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Integrating Chatbot in WhatsApp

  • Integrate with WhatsApp in just 5 minutes
  • Interact with your customers directly from an interactive dashboard
  • Get all your conversation from WhatsApp on the Kommunicate dashboard
  • Transparent pricing - Choose a plan that meets your business requirement
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Jamenson Alvarez

Jamenson Alvarez

Latam Digital Marketing

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After using Kommunicate, we saw an increase of 980% in customer conversations. The chatbot-based automation does a lot for us - trigger a conversation, resolve customer queries, and even generate business opportunities that we can redirect to our sales executives.

Tom Bulis

Tom Bulis


Read Tom's story

By shifting customer requests to Kommunicate chat, we automated many of the repetitive tasks that our customer service team performs daily. We have been able to automatically contain 60% of incoming customer service requests for Epic Sports.

Jitesh Karamchandani

Jitesh Karamchandani

Vakil Search

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We were able to see a 20% dip in customer service request escalations in a few months using Kommunicate. Our waiting queues are dissolving much faster, and users are coming back to the chatbot, making it a preferred channel for escalating any question.

Srinivas Reddy

Srinivas Reddy


Read Srinivas's story

After we started using the Kommunicate chatbot, our team saved more than 2000 hours every month, which we were otherwise spending on doing repetitive tasks like answering FAQs. We were truly impressed with the way Kommunicate has evolved as a product over the last couple of years we have been associated with them.