Low Code No Code Chatbot Technology

Software development is today an ocean, but the field had humble beginnings when university professors programmed large computers that were powered by vacuum tubes. Slowly, but steadily, the field evolved, and today, there is a software solution to almost any kind of problem. But what about the process of actually writing these software programs?

As with everything else, this field has undergone a sea change too. From smart compilers to AI tools that write a chunk of code for you with a few simple prompts, software development has surely evolved. And one such important innovation in this field is Low-code No-code software development.

Citizen developers, Vertical heads and Enterprises who have no experience coding can now write complex programs, thanks to Low-code No-code technology. The technology will revolutionize a lot of industries, including Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and Retail among others.

Chatbots, once considered difficult to build thanks to the extensive amount of coding involved, are now a breeze to create, thanks to LCNC technology. Chatbots today are easier to build, smarter, and much more emotionally charged thanks to the minimal effort required in building them. We have, in fact, a large population of student developers building advanced chatbots using our platform.

In this whitepaper, we see how software development has evolved, and how LCNC technology is helping to develop software faster than ever. To be more specific, we will look at how LCNC technology is helping build smarter chatbots, and what the future holds for low-code no-code chatbots.

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