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AI chatbots and smart automation for customer service
Automate customer queries for instant resolution with Kommunicate’s AI-powered chatbots
bots and automation
Codeless Bot Integration
Seamlessly integrate LLM & NLP platforms like OpenAI, Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, and IBM Watson
Make custom bots for your business with our no-code, GUI bot builder powered by conversational AI.
Generative AI
Instantly train your bot on website URLs, documents and helpcenter with OpenAI’s GPT4 model.
Webhooks & API
Create advanced workflows and exchange data with your database to perform dynamic actions.
Bot-human Hand-off
Automatically hand-off the conversation to humans if the bot is unable to answer.
Smart Rich Messaging
Use a plethora of rich messaging templates for an exquisite customer support chat experience.
Conversation Auto-resolve
Reduce redundant tasks such as manually resolving dormant conversation using automation.
Custom Bots
Easily integrate custom-made bots or bots made on any popular third-party platforms.
Much more than just live chat
Intelligent, user-friendly and beautiful chat for lead generation and customer support
bots and automation
Lead Collection
Never let a lead slip away and gather contact details by using in-chat Lead Collection forms.
Welcome Messages
Create custom and conditional Welcome Messages to and send it to your visitors automatically.
Away Messages
Always be present for customers even when your agents are offline by configuring Away Messages.
Your Branding
Add your brand identity and color, and customize the chat widget to make it your own.
Greeting Messages
Greet your users automatically to drive conversations when they browse your website.
Quick Replies
Set up instant responses for repetitive and common queries to reduce response time.
Push Notifications
Set up interactive alerts for both your agents and customers for new messages in conversations
Fallback Emails
Get notified through email if you miss any messages from your users and vice versa.