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Scaling your support needn’t mean hiring more agents

Automate 80% of your support
Chatbots are your first line of defence and deals with all repetitive questions, so that your agents don’t have to copy-paste every time.
Be Available 24X7
Chatbots don’t require coffee breaks and can therefore stay always on. Your customers get assistance when and where they need.
Self Learning AI
Learns new queries and their responses automatically over time, thereby getting better to improve customer experience.
Reduce your response time
Unhappy customers want to talk now, not when your support agents are free. Delight them by making them feel heard.

Automate Customer Support in 3 simple steps Our support bot understands the context of every query and provides immediate responses, wherever it can and steps aside to hand-off queries to human agents, when it is out of scope.

FAQ Title: Enter your FAQ Title here FAQ Content: Enter your FAQ Content here
Set-up FAQs
No Results FoundPush NotificatiWe are here to help.Talk to a human
Assign human agent if bot fails
How to set up FAQs from dashboard? Hi! Here are few articles that might help… Setup FAQs from the Kommunicate dashboard How to integrate with Helpdocs to integrate FAQs? I have a different issue
Route incoming queries through Liz

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Three reasons you'll love Kommunicate bots

Be available everywhere
Be there where your customers are with Chatbots that are compatible on all platforms; website, mobile, web apps and more.
Communicate better with actionable messages
Supports all types of rich messaging elements - cards, carousels, lists, buttons etc. Drive customers to take the next logical action directly from chat.
Integrates with your CRM and current Knowledge Base
Integrate with your favourite tools to pass data to and fro, to create your support workflows. Rich APIs and webhooks for all your custom workflows.