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live chat
Nothing beats Live Chat when it comes to user experience
It is faster than exchanging mails and unlike phone, Live Chat doesn’t put your customers on hold.
Build meaningful relationships
Provide personalized service
Increase customer LTV

73% of the users prefer Live Chat over other modes of

customer support

Integrates Fast Anywhere

Highly Customizable
Give the chat widget the look and feel of your own product
Works on all Devices
Runs on all devices - mobile apps, websites and tablets
Cross Platform
Compatible with apps built on native and hybrid frameworks

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Features to help you win customers for life

Hi there! We are here to help you out. Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re away right now, drop your queryand we’ll get back soon. Type your message…
Contextual Triggers
Proactively engage with visitors with customizable messages on different pages and based on agent availability.
/g /great Thank you for your patience. /go I will be right back. /greet Hello! How can I help you? /goodbye Thank you. Bye!
Quick Replies
Create and manage templated messages for fast replies. Save agent’s time and delight customers.
Welcome. How may I help you? Hi! Can you please tell me about CRM Integrations? How may we reach you? Enter your Email
Lead Collection
Collect lead info while agent is away so that they can be informed via mail whenever their query is resolved.
Hi there, How can I help you today? I’m looking for Car Insurance Agent Name Type your message…
Customizable chat widget
Make the chat widget your own by customizing the theme, logo, and colors. Spin it the way you want.
How to set up FAQs from thedashboard? Hi! Here are few articles might help… Setup FAQs from the Kommunicatedashboard How to integrate with Helpdocs tointegrate FAQs? How do I edit a FAQ which has beenpublished once? I have a different issue
Chatbots as Sidekicks
Our intelligent AI-based support bot is your first line of defence and handles all redundant queries. Your agents can therefore focus only on queries that require human expertise.
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Advanced Reporting
Powerful granular reporting to assess overall and individual performances. Make data-driven decisions to increase overall productivity.