Digitalizating hospital using Chatbot

Hospitalization and all the various aspects that go with it has undergone a massive shift in the past few years. Today, patients can have a complete health checkup within a day, with the results sent to their smartphones within a few hours of submitting their samples. Digitization of hospital procedures has made life easy for millions of people across the globe. Chatbots have played a major role in this digitization efforts.

Hospital Management Systems integrate various departments of a hospital into a single network, making sure that hospital resources and various functions are managed efficiently. There are 3 major types of hospital management systems available in the market today. These include:Application Service Provider, Enterprise Software and Cloud Based Hospital management system.

By 2025, healthcare chatbots are expected to reach approximately $196.85 billion in value.Healthcare providers will increasingly use chatbots to build connections with prospective customers. Chatbots will help automate numerous workflows and are thus in high demand in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare facilities are in scarcity in many parts of the world, leading to difficulties in accessing real-time data. The rapid expansion of the healthcare industry means there is a heightened need to optimize its operations, and technologies such as chatbots are at the forefront of driving this change.

In this whitepaper, we will learn more about these Hospital Management Systems, and how they are being rapidly influenced by advancements in technology. We will also see how chatbots play an important role in HMS, and learn about the actual market size of chatbots in the healthcare industry. The various use cases for digitalization of HMS presented in this whitepaper will act as a beacon on how technology is rapidly changing all the aspects of delivering quality and affordable healthcare.

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