A comprehensive guide on Healthcare Chatbots

According to a survey, 86% of the patients reported that it's easier to obtain an answer from a chatbot instead of filling out a website form. With the help of Chatbots, patients may approach practitioners at any time, even during an emergency or, an unprecedented situation like a pandemic.

Chatbots in healthcare can be really helpful to all - Patients, Doctors, and, Hospitals.

For patients, chatbots ensure that they are responded to on time and all the necessary information is made readily available to them. Chatbots can also help patients with appointment booking, keeping them updated about their medication/surgery and post-recovery treatment.

For Hospitals staff, chatbots help in saving tremendous time that would have otherwise gone into answering patient queries. Further, chatbots are advantageous to doctors since they can access patients' medical records in seconds. In an emergency, they may also verify medicines and recent check-up data promptly.

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