Dialogflow integration made easy for website and apps

Trusted by 10,000+ companies across the globe

An unparalleled Dialogflow integration

Give superpowers to your chatbots, make them intelligent support assistants

Codeless and simple chatbot integration

Deploy your Dialogflow chatbot in your website and apps in a matter of minutes

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Effortless chatbot to human handoff

Transfer the conversation to a human if the chatbot is unable to answer or create your own custom rules for handoff

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Built-in smart rich messaging

Make your conversation interactive with elements such as suggested replies, lists, carousels, and buttons

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Make your chatbots multilingual

Serve a truly global audience by making your chatbots reply in the preferred language of your audience

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Drive dynamic actions with fulfillment

Do more by driving dynamic actions based on your user’s conversations and activities

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Kommunicate customers use chatbots to successfully solve 62% of the total incoming queries

Give your chatbots a chat interface they deserve

Customizable, interactive and smart chat interface for a wholesome conversational experience
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Customizable chat widget

Make the chat widget your own by customizing the theme and language

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Works on all devices

Seamlessly works on all the devices - web, mobile apps and tablets

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Cross-platform feasibility

Integrate your chatbots in apps built with native and hybrid frameworks

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Ricky Mohan

Ricky Mohan

Umbrella App

Kommunicate is already on its way to becoming one of the best communication product in the market. What makes Kommunicate great is the team behind it. I have never got such support from any product team. I am really happy that we chose Kommunicate.

Mikolaj Kulesz

Mikolaj Kulesz


We wanted a simple Dialogflow integration and not many chat providers have that functionality. Not only the integration is super easy, Kommunicate provides great customer support. On top of that, they do listen to the client's needs and requests. They have a strong team in place to cater to such requests.

Christian C

Christian C

Teodoro Bot

We are using bots because we want the user get a fast feedback for common questions, moreover this is an intermediate point between a FAQ page and real agents; the costumer feel close to us and our agents are not overwhelmed.

Free Dialogflow chatbot sample

Download our free sample Dialogflow chatbot. Get started by editing it as you like and integrating it on your platform

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