Updated on December 20, 2023

One of America’s biggest healthcare agencies automated more than 80% of their incoming conversations, and here’s how team Kommunicate helped them do it. 

FCB Health NewYork is part of the FCB Network of companies, giving marketing solutions to healthcare companies. When FCB’s customers started asking for a solution that can help them customers answer repetitive questions, a chatbot was the most obvious answer. Team FCB went on a quest to find the best chatbot builder who had experience solving a similar problem, and Kommunicate was the most obvious choice. Read more to find out how FCB Health NewYork and Kommunicate worked together to create a unique customer experience.

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1. How did FCB Health identify a need for a chatbot solution?

Back in 2020, FCB wanted to start a voice practice. FCB, an agency of records that manages pharmaceutical brands, felt that many ACPs and patients wanted to find info quickly but using a platform that understands natural language. This is the reason they chose chatbots.

Some brands were also using chatbots, but they were more like virtual assistants using live reps. But FCB wanted to use its know-how to deepen those experiences. Meeting challenges that other technologies haven’t yet been able to solve, team FCB quickly went online and started to research possible chatbot solutions.

A bit of digging around later, they found the perfect partner – Kommunicate.

In the words of Alexis Moses from team FCB Health

Let us now see how Kommunicate did that.

2. What tipped the scales in favor of Kommunicate?

According to Alexis – “Kommunicate gives us the ability to aesthetically change the platform. It is very easy to edit how the chatbot looks.

API in terms of CSS. Kommunicate has a payload function that accepts multiple types of commands that customers can use to alter anything inside the webpage. Kommunicate is probably the easiest platform that allows you to do that. You can talk with the parent window, alter information from iFrames, and it works beautifully with Dialogflow and Amazon Lex.

Team Kommunicate is brilliant in the sense that they thought about not only the front end but also made sure that FCB can initialize new conversations with Dialogflow.

3. What did you like most about working with Kommunicate?

Kommunicate’s team is super-friendly. A lot of the team is really into technology. Team Kommunicate makes it super easy to carry out technical conversations. Team Kommunicate allows us to have dense technological conversations and teaches us how the technology works. The support staff is super friendly and is keen on building relationships.

Kindness and Enthusiasm for Technology are two things that we feel sets Team Kommunicate apart..

4. How has FCB health benefited from using the chatbot?

One of the features we needed was a Scheduler. But the scheduler didn’t work for FCB’s client, and FCB had to build it at their end. There were points when Team FCB needed to understand how Kommunicate extracted data, stored it, and retrieve it. Team Kommunicate was super helpful, and they helped FCB build this scheduler. FCB took 2-3 months to build the first scheduler, but it’s templated now, so FCB can get it done in half the time. Kommunicate as a team is obsessed with going the extra mile for their clients, and this is something that team FCB highly appreciates.

5. What edge does Kommunicate give to FCB Health, and why would you recommend us?

Kommunicate is willing to implement any changes. Kommunicate is a very open platform for developers. The team is always willing to make adjustments to the platform and understands that the more they solve our problems, the better they become!!”

Kommunicate has the most open platform that you see out there. When people start using the platform, they slowly realize the amazing possibilities and opportunities that Kommunicate can have. You can do a lot of creative things using the Kommunicate platform.

The friendliness of the staff has never to be underestimated. I have never had someone from Team Kommunicate treat me like I don’t know a particular technology. Overall, I would recommend team Kommunicate to any customer out there looking to implement a chatbot solution on their website. If a problem comes up, we are sure we are in pretty good hands with Kommunicate.

By the Numbers;

What FCB Health has to say…

Alexis Moses, Senior Creative Engineer, FCB Health

Here is the quick video

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