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Kommunicate vs Verloop
Kommunicate vs Verloop

Kommunicate and Verloop both are one of the best chatbot platforms available in the market. Verloop, established in 2015, has built a strong reputation and a loyal customer base over the years. On the other hand, Kommunicate, which entered the market a couple of years later, has rapidly gained traction, distinguishing itself with its robust self-serve model and a growing market share. Both platforms are highly regarded and making a choice between them is an interesting decision for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement strategies.

In this blog post, we compare Verloop.io with Kommunicate.io, to see which platform comes out on top when it comes to automating your customer support.


We are comparing both the platforms on the following parameters:

  1. Signing up 
  2. Bot building
  3. Integrations
  4. Generative AI capabilities
  5. Pricing
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1. Signing Up

This is the first step in trying out a product, and it has to be a friction-less experience. You know that you want to automate your customer support, and have decided to give one of these players a chance.

i) Kommunicate

Kommunicate has a neat signup page that asks you for some basic information about you and your business before allowing you to access the platform.

Kommunicate Signup Page
Kommunicate Signup Page

There is no option to sign up with a Gmail account though, but the company does offer you an option to sign up with a Google Workspace account ($6/user/month). So there is no free signup if you are a Gmail user, or a student building hobby bots.

But if you are a serious business owner, you might as well sign in with your business account, and enjoy all the features of Kommunicate for 30 days.

Try before you buy, like they say.

ii) Verloop

Verloop has removed the direct signup process it previously offered and now, the only way to get started with Verloop is by booking a meeting with their sales team. What this means is that it is difficult to quickly access and try out the platform on your own which could be a barrier for those who prefer a more self-service approach.

Verloop Book a Demo Page
Verloop Book a Demo Page

Our Verdict

So, comparing the two, we are leaning towards Kommunicate because its signup process is simple and straightforward, allowing users to start quickly without having to go through a lengthy sales consultation.

2. Bot Building

i) Kommunicate

Building a chatbot with Kommunicate is a breeze. In fact, you can get up and running with a Kommunicate bot in less than 10 minutes. Kommunicate’s Kompose bot builder is intuitive, and you don’t have to navigate through a lot of steps to get to it.

Just head on over to Bot integrations, and click on Kompose, and you are good to go.

Kompose bot building

You are given the option of building the bots either through the visual drag and drop Flow designer, or through the classic editor where you specify the intents and entities.

Kompose classic v/s Flow designer
Kommunicate Flow Designer

We really love the way we have made the product easy to use for anyone, and by anyone, we mean ANYONE, even if they don’t know how to code.

We are not going to teach you how to build a bot in detail, since that would be deviating off topic.

Let us now see how easy it is to build a bot in Verloop.

ii) Verloop

Okay, at the outset, we want to say that getting started with building a bot using Verloop is not as straightforward as it is in Kommunicate.

The login page is a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven’t built a bot yet.

Verloop dashboard

You have all these bot statistics which you have to navigate through, with a side panel similar to that of Kommunicate.

But then, things slowly start to get more and more confusing.

Verloop flow designer 1

Verloop calls its Bot Builder platform “Bot Recipes,” and we had a tough time figuring out which one was the User prompt and which was the Bot prompt.

Verloop Bot recipes

We also had a tough time on Google trying to see how to build this bot using Verloop, and the closest blog post available was one that developers can use.

Our Verdict:

Kommunicate is the clear winner when it comes to the ease with which you can build a bot.

Verloop has a lot of ground to cover if it wishes to make its platform simpler to use for the average Joe.

talk to us cta

3. Integrations

This is an important feature to consider when buying a chatbot solution, since you want your platform to play well with all your existing solutions.

i) Kommunicate

Kommunicate offers an impressive 40+ integrations straight out of the box, which includes a lot of platforms such as: 

  1. WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger, Viber – Messaging platforms.
  2. Zendesk, Pipedrive, Agile CRM – CRM platforms
  3. Google Analytics and Zapier – Automation
  4. WordPress, Squarespace, Wix – CMS platforms
  5. Shopifty, Prestashop, Magento, etc – eCommerce platforms

And this is just scratching the surface. Also, all these are codeless integrations, which means you can get up and running with these platforms with just a few clicks.

Just head on over to the Kommunicate platform, and navigate to the Integrations section on the left, as shown:

Kommunicate integrations
Kommunicate Integrations

Let us now see what Verloop has to offer.

ii) Verloop

Navigating to Verloop’s integrations section was a bit complex, since it is placed inside the settings tab on the left hand side.

Verloop integrations
Verloop Integrations

Also, Verloop does not offer as many codeless integrations as Kommunicate. Their integrations page does feature some prominent names such as Razorpay and Hubspot, but these are custom integrations which are not available out of the box.

Our verdict:

Kommunicate is the clear winner here, again, thanks to the sheer number of Integrations it offers off the box.

d. Generative AI Capabilities

Generative AI is all the buzz these days, and chatbot platforms that offer these capabilities will leave their competitors in the dust.

Let us see Kommunicate v/s Verloop, in the context of Generative AI capabilities.

i) Kommunicate

Kommunicate jumped on the Generative AI train very quickly, and was one the first companies to introduce ChatGPT integration to their solution.

In addition to this, they also have a Document Scanner and a Website Scraper feature.

With Document Scanner, you can convert any document into a chatbot, with just a couple of clicks. This feature will really come in handy for customer support teams with a large FAQ knowledge base. Instead of going through the documentation to answer customer questions, they can simply upload the pdf or docx file onto Kommunicate and the bot will take over.

Kommunicate Generative AI Document Scanner
Kommunicate GenAI Document Chatbot Builder

The website scraper feature complements the document scraper and works similarly, albeit this time it converts a URL into a chatbot. Helpful for teams who want their bot to answer any questions available on the website.

Kommunicate Generative AI Webscraper Solution
Kommunicate GenAI Website URL bot builder

Both these features showcase Kommunicate’s capabilities in the Generative AI space, and we cannot wait to see how they will further push this technology.

Let us now take a look at what Verloop has to offer.

ii) Verloop

Verloop also offers a document scanning feature, and they call it the AnswerFlow

Verloop Document scanner

AnswerFlow also allows you to upload documents and then train the bot on these documents.

The free trial does not give access to the AnswerFlow document scanner, however, which meant we couldn’t put it through the ropes.

We also could not find a web scraping facility on Verloop, which means in all likelihood they are still working on it.

Our verdict

Kommunicate is the clear winner when it comes to building generative AI capabilities. While Verloop also provides its own LLM powered document scanner, they have a lot of ground to cover, especially since they have been around for longer.

e. Pricing

The last parameter we want to focus on is Pricing between these 2 players.

i) Kommunicate

Kommunicate has 3 pricing plans, as seen on our pricing page.

Kommunicate pricing
Kommunicate Pricing

Lite plan: $100/month billed monthly. No CRM integration and minimum support.

Advanced plan: $200/month billed monthly. CRM integrations like Agile CRM and priority support.

There is also the Enterprise plan, for which you will have to contact the Kommunicate sales team.

ii) Verloop

Verloop’s pricing plan is not as transparent as Kommunicate, but we did a bit of digging around to find this information.

According to a few sources, Verloop has 2 pricing plans that they offer to the general public.

These are:

Starter : $49/month.

Some of the features included in the starter plan are:

  1. Unlimited agents
  2. Design customization
  3. Custom data integration

Business: $699/month.

  1. Customised reports
  2. Optimization consultation
  3. A dedicated Customer  Success Manager

While we did find these plans after a little bit of searching, we would have really liked it if Verloop was a bit more transparent with their pricing.

Our verdict:

Pricing is a crucial aspect to consider when anyone is investing in a chatbot solution. Although Kommunicate’s base price is higher than that of Verloop, they are transparent on their pricing page as to what all is included in their different packages.

This is a big plus, especially since without a good pricing page, you might be leaving money on the checkout page.

In this aspect, Kommunicate is the winner, since they clearly tell you how much of their product you can access for different slabs.

generative ai
Sl. No.Product featureKommunicate Verloop
1.Signup pageEasy to sign in.Sign up process is a bit complicated.
2.Bot buildingAll bot features available in free trial. Kompose bot builder is simple to use.Restricted to the features available in the free version. Bot building is a bit complicated.
3. IntegrationsOver 40+ integrations out of the box.Only 11 integrations available out of the box.
4.Generative AI capabilitiesChatGPT integration, Document Scanner, Web bot trainer.AnswerFlow
5PricingTransparent pricing pageNeed to talk to sales to get exact pricing,
Kommunicate vs Verloop

Parting Thoughts

As you can see, Kommunicate scores well in almost all the aspects that were used in this comparison.

We don’t like to brag, but in Kommunicate vs. Verloop, we prefer to lean towards Kommunicate. Not because we built it, but because it is clearly scoring more than Verloop when it comes to the chief features that customers today expect from a chatbot builder.

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