Updated on August 17, 2023

Do you remember the days when you were creating a website and you had to engage so many people; designer, developer, content writer, server specialist, and whatnot? Now, the ecosystem has changed. A single DIY tool can help you create some of the best-looking websites in hours. 

In fact, this trend is bound to grow for the other facets of technology too. In a recent movement, Amazon released Honeycode, a zero-code mobile & web application builder. Soon, we also heard about Google’s acquisition of a no-code mobile-app-building platform, AppSheet. All this is happening in the middle of the social and economic turmoil. Yes, the message is clear “No Code/Low Code Experience” is the focus for tomorrow.

Let us understand a little more about two more tools that aim to do that in the world of customer support exactly.

In this article, we’ll look at Ada Vs Kommunicate a little closer to how they are changing the experience of the industry.

Ada started its journey from Toronto in 2014, where the two Founders, Mike, and David aimed to improve customer service authentically and simply – but also efficient and scalable. On the other hand, Kommunicate started in 2017, intending to create a hybrid communication system with better personalization and engagement for consumers looking for help.


Features Which They Are Known For

Today both of these brands are known to lead the no-code effort while not compromising their mission of an improved customer experience.

Ada is well known for enterprise-level features, which include

  1. No-code Live Chat Integrations
  2. Chatbot Builder
  3. API Builder 
  4. WhatsApp & Messenger Integrations
  5. Knowledge Base Search
  6. Proprietary NLU model

When we look at Kommunicate, we expect to have a complete ecosystem for customer support and knowledge sharing. It offers a number of products like Kompose (Chatbot builder), Help Center (a knowledge base), and super quick integration of modern social channels.
In short, expect the following services 

  1. Kompose
  2. Chatbots and Automation
  3. Live Chat
  4. HelpCenter
  5. Integrations- DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson and Widely Used CRMSs
  6. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Integrations
  7. Team Capabilities with options to tag conversations

Here is a quick representation of the feature comparison

Founded in20172014
What their homepage saysDelight your customers with intelligent chat-based supportGo automation-first with Ada’s AI chatbot
Main FeaturesLive Chat
Modern FeaturesKompose (Chatbot builder)
Help Center
Integration With Dialogflow
No Code Platform
Conversation AI
API & Authentication
Conditional Logic
Push NotificationsYesYes
In-App MessagingYesYes
Smart Rich MessagesYesYes
Chatot BuilderYesYes
Chat UI KitYesYes
Bot-Human HandoffYesYes
Knowledge Base ManagementYesYes
Agent Wise ReportsYesYes
Dedicated HostingsYes
Platform APIsYesYes
Auto Chat ResolveYesYes
Integration with other CRMs, CMSYesYes
Lead Collection BoxesYesYes
Multi-lingual ChatbotsYesYes
SupportFast response over chat, skype and email with dedicated account managers24/7 via slack and email, with dedicated CS representatives
Notable customersKPMG, Santander, HDFC Life, AccentureZoom, Shopify, Medium, Upwork, Mailchimp, Air Asia
Platforms for supportWeb, Android, iOS, Phone Gap, Ionic, React, FlutterWeb, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
Free Trial30 DaysNot provided
Pricing ( for advanced solutions)Starts at $40 / MonthCustomize Pricing

We hope this comparison of Ada Vs Kommunicate will help you to choose the best software for your business.

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned above has been obtained from public sources. We have made every attempt to ensure that the information presented is accurate and free from any discrepancies. In case of any discrepancies identified, please connect at support@kommunicate.io. 

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