In the month of February, we have added powerful integrations like Whatsapp and added some cool features in the Dashboard, Kompose Bot Builder, and Bot analytics. Also updated the existing ones to improve your overall experience with Kommunicate.

WhatsApp integration

WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used chat applications and can be easily one of the best channels for customer service and marketing communication, with a large number of active users. It is essential in handling customer requirements and it also helps answer basic inquiries, build the engagement activities easily.

Now you can integrate your business WhatsApp account and handle the queries via Kommunicate chatbot along with the help of human agents.

Integration is possible via Twilio API and you will have to sign up on Twilio to start the integration.

WhatsApp template messages

In the WhatsApp integration, your human agents can send template messages to users connecting through Whatsapp.

Chat widget & Dashboard

Waiting Queue

To prevent overwhelming the agents with multiple customer support queries coming all at once, we have added the waiting queue. On the other side, customers will also know where they are in the queue and that their queries will be answered soon.

You would be able to set maximum concurrent chats that can be assigned to an agent.

Assign conversation to a team

Now you would be able to assign a conversation to a particular team with a chatbot.

  • Add the below-mentioned JSON code (as a custom payload) to the response of the Intent. Specify the Team ID in KM_ASSIGN_TEAM parameter. Refer to this doc for more information.

Assign conversation to a team based on agent availability

We have added the functionality in which the bot would be able to fetch the availability of the assigned team’s agents. Please refer to this doc for the same.

WEBP image support

We now support “webp” image file format on both the chat widget and the dashboard.

Kompose bot builder

Search in Kompose

Now you can easily find the intents in a Kompose chatbot builder with the help of new search bar .

Edit Button Payload

We have added an option in Kompose to edit the payload for button rich message and correct it whenever required instead of correcting it completely.


Bot to Human count

Now the bot to human handoff analytics will show both the counts of conversations handled by the bot and handed over to the human agents.

Security updates:

If you are using the v1 version of the Kommunicate plugin on the website that was available in 2019 then please upgrade it to the new version by installing the latest script.

You can get the latest script from

How to identify if you are using the v1 version?

Go to your website code, and check the value of s.src in that.
If it contains “” then you need to update it with the new script.

The newer version has enhanced security and performance upgrades. We will be discontinuing the older version in 2 weeks.


  • Fixed a bug where old welcome messages were coming in the chat widget
  • We resolved the Bot-to-human handoff count which was showing above 100%
  • Miscellaneous Bugs & Security Fixes

Mobile SDKs


We’ve released a new version of the Kommunicate iOS SDK(5.13.0):

  • Added config options to show and make certain fields mandatory in the pre-chat view.
  • Added an option to set the regex for validating phone number in the pre-chat view.
  • Now, images in image rich message can be tapped and previewed just like normal attachment messages.
  • Added an option to change the number of lines of the card template’s description label.
  • Added an option to set the team ID when creating a new conversation.
  • Updated default value of primary color and sent message’s text color to match the web plugin colors.

Thanks for your time! Watch out this space for more updates.


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