Last Updated on August 16, 2023

Last week Kommunicate launched the Flow Designer feature that will help users create, design, and visualize the flow of any chat conversations. With the launch of Flow Designer, Kommunicate is now a true no-code drag-and-drop chatbot builder.

Flow designer is now available to all Kommunicate users despite the pricing plan that they are subscribed to. 

To access flow designer, first, click on the Bot Integration icon on the left panel of the screen.

Now to go to the flow designer, you can either click on Create new bot button, or click on Manage Bots section on the left panel. 

Next, you will see two sections called Build and Manage. Click on the Build section. This is your Flow Designer.

Now let’s get started with the flow. 

If you already have intent fed to the bot, the flow designer will automatically create the flow. 

If you create a new bot, the flow designer will have Welcome Message, Default Fallback, and Fallback Answer buttons by default. 

To add a message on Welcome Message, hover on the button > click on More Options > and click Edit message

You will now see the option to add your message and add buttons for more interactions and routing.

 To add more intents and responses, click on the + button.

The Flow Designer is just fresh out of oven. We will keep adding new features to it. 

We can’t wait to see what you create with it. 

Check it out the video:

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