Updated on April 12, 2024

Here are the major updates for the month of April.

Features completed:

I) Dashboard language switch:

If the system detects that your browser language by default is French or Spanish, then the dashboard will change to that particular language.

ii) “Team” View Filter in Conversations section:

We have introduced a “Teams” filter in our “Conversations” section. For instance, if your support team is unable to resolve a query and it is reassigned to another team (Say Tech), then these conversations will be now grouped under the Tech team and shown in the “Tech team” tab. The team filter works based on how teammates are assigned when we invite them to the dashboard.

iii) Welcome message tab in OpenAI Bot builder

We have introduced the Welcome Message tab in the OpenAI bot builder, which was previously only available in the Kompose bot builder. 

iv) Sitemap feature

Previously, we only used to scrape the uploaded URL when using the Website scraper. Now, we can view the sitemap URL of the entire website with a single click and view all the linked webpages associated with a website, so that the customer can select any webpage they want to scrape.


  • Handle document delete for older version document
  • Make RTL configurable for the customer in the chat widget
  • Add a loader or notification on the Salesforce toggle

Bug Fixes

  • Translation issue in OpenAI Bot Builder
  • Token Order and content issue
  • (iOS) Getting notification when chat is assigned to the bot, but handover notification is not coming
  • Custom payload is converted to rich buttons and cannot be edited again
  • Getting warning regarding the label in browser console |
  • TypeError: t.errorResponse is undefined
  • GeneralException: Application key or UserID as request body or device key as header not passed
  • Elastic Search issue for new user

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