Last Updated on August 4, 2023

The month of October saw us taking on new challenges and making our bot-building platform better than ever. Here is a quick update on what we achieved last month.

1. Inline code

If you don’t have servers to host your custom functions and calls in the form of Webhooks, don’t worry. Now one can use Inline code, where you can write the code within the Kompose bot builder, and it gets executed when the corresponding message is triggered. We call the Inline code a Dynamic message.

2. Custom Entities

Custom entities help us to identify and extract the useful data from the inputs given by the end user. Not just Kommunicate default entities, users are now able to create their own entities. You can create a custom entity via the Bot builder page under the Extract Entity dropdown or from the Kompose Settings page.

 3. Generic Card template

Previously, customers couldn’t customize their title font, color, description, subtitle, number of lines being shown on the card, card corner radius, our image content type, etc. These elements were all static. But now, customers will be able to customize the entire card, changing the above elements to what the customers desire.

Coming Soon:

  • Zendesk Sunshine Integration
  • Instagram Integration

Release Notes

  • Upgraded KommunicateChatUI-iOS-SDK to 0.2.7
  • Upgraded KommunicateCore-iOS-SDK to 1.0.6

Bug Fixes

  • Form template Issue in Small devices | iOS SDK
  • If Button is not added in Card Template, SDK added default button | iOS SDK
  • iOS Firebase crash | ALMessage+Extension.swift line 360 |

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