Updated on November 2, 2023

The month of May saw our engineers pull out a neat trick out of their hat, and our product is one step closer to becoming the perfect solution for all your chatbot needs. Let’s take a closer look at what our technical team has been up to.

Easily import contacts : 

Have a lot of contacts who are not in the system, and would like to bring them into your system? Previously, you had to manually type in the user details, but not anymore. Our Engineers have now built the “Import Contacts,” feature, which allows you to upload CSV files into Kompose. Reaching out to multiple people has never been easier.

  Bugs Fixes:

  • We have fixed the issue related to hide post CTA for List template.
  • Fixed the freezing issue with drop down present at Assigned To option.
  • We have fixed the bug: When the inline code or webhook used in welcome msg then user not able add training phrase in Intents in Flow designer.
  • Fixed the issue with Speech to Text not working on Safari browser using iOS and Mac.
  • We have fixed the issue with Text To Speech not working on iOS safari browser.
  • Fixed the issue with conversation search.
  • We have fixed the issue with Button section getting hidden on Dragging in Kompose Bot builder.


  • We have added support for Location in Chat Transcript.

  • Added instruction in Amazon Lex integration regarding how to trigger welcome Intent.

We have done the following Kompose Improvements:

  • Updated UI for Handover Section with relevant handover names:

Added description for choosing Intent on Button Trigger.

  • We have added description for each component of Create Custom Entity Modal.

  • Added a tooltip to indicate to the user to update the Welcome Message and Fallback Message after the Bot creation.

  • Added test bot link on the Manage bot page.

  • Auto closing the User says, Bot says modal after the user saves the intent while using Flow designer
  • We have added Support to display Images, videos and GIFs on a bot integrated with Facebook
  • Now, you can test the bot in the Flow Designer page itself.

Mobile Updates:

iOS 6.9.0:

  • Added cloud support for attachment. ->customer can use this feature to redirect uploads to their server instead of ours.

Android SDK 2.7.1

  • We have added support for group creation source in sdk.
  • Added support for Multilingual bot.
  • We have added a new field addFormLabelInMessage to form Rich message, which controls whether or not to show the form label in the message when the form data is submitted.
  • Expose Method to populate text on chat bar – Kommunicate.setChatText(context, “Text to populate”);
  • Added support for custom attachment endpoint.

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