kommunicate product updates November 2019

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The holiday season is upon us, so we decided to gift wrap some cool features, performance improvements, and bug fixes and send it your way ? (Don’t forget to send us Christmas cards)

Let’s dive straight into Kommunicate’s release notes for the month of November.

Kommunicate Web

Chat Widget customization

You can now make the Kommunicate Chat Widget your own. You can change the theme color, choose from Kommunicate provided chat widget icons or even upload your own custom chat widget icon.kommunicate chat widget customization

Better Notification for the Support Agents

Your agents will get desktop alerts for new messages even if the browser is in the background. This will help keep track of incoming messages even when they are switching to or using other apps in the desktop.

Performance Improvement in iPhone X Chat Widget

We have improved the Chat Widget in iPhone X and fixed a few layouts related issue. Now enjoy a seamless experience of Kommunicate Chat Widget in the latest iPhones as well.

Improvement in Bot-human Handoff

  • Bots will stop replying once the conversation has been assigned to an agent even if the bot’s intents are triggered in the conversations.
  • Agents will get the notification sound when the bot assigns the conversation to them.

Improvement in User Search

In the Users section, you can now effectively search the particular user by userId and email.

New in Fallback Emails

Fallback Emails now allow you to enable or disable the fallback email going to agents and end users for messages which are not read by the recipients

Webhooks and Security

  • Now you can pass data effectively using Webhooks. Setup your Webhook URL to send a copy of the message to your backend server
  • Authentication of users from your backend server for additional security

Revamped Profile Section

A new and fresh refreshing look and feel for the profile section.

Enterprise Billing

You can now directly buy the best of Kommunicate plans from the Dashboard itself. We have added Enterprise Billing with advanced and impeccable features. The Enterprise plan starts from $25 per team member per month.

Deep Linking for Conversations

Your team members can share the conversation thread with each other. You can bookmark any conversation thread for future use.

Bug Fixes

  • Solved and fixed: User ID was being displayed in the Chat Widget instead of Display Name
  • Fixed the issue where duplicate Welcome Message comes if bot Ids are configured and Bot Routing is enabled
  • Fixed a bug where real-time conversation assignment to an agent by bot was not happening

Kommunicate iOS SDK

    • We have added a new easy to use API to create and launch conversations. You can use it like this:
      Kommunicate.createAndShowConversation(from: <Name of the view controller from you want to present>)
    • Added an option to configure the icon of send message button
    • Added an option to enable custom handling of navigation item action in the conversation view
  • Updated typing status to show display name of the user in a conversation

Kommunicate Android SDK

  • Method to launch chat directly without calling login -> createChat -> launchChat
  • Fixed image loading issues in the conversation screen
  • Fixed an issue where some attachments were not getting loaded from the storage

That’s all, for now. There’s always something exciting cooking in Kommunicate. Just keep watching this space for more release notes from your favorite customer support platform.

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