How to Automate Customer Support Using Emails, Calls and Chatbots?

Customer support, for most companies, has been a cost center. Especially, when responsibilities like account management and customer success have moved on to dedicated teams. Having said that, customer support is sometimes the only criteria that separate you from your competitors. How happy your existing customers are can determine how much revenue would you get […]

How to Deal With Angry Customers?

It is common for all the companies to come across a lot of unsatisfied and angry customers. There might be many reasons for customers to get angry. Sometimes it is acceptable and sometimes not, sometimes you can control it beforehand and sometimes not at all. Either you like it or don’t, you have to nurture […]

How to Get Feedback from Customers?

We all know that customer is the king. Keeping your customer happy or satisfied plays an important role in the growth of any business. But, there are many questions that need answers when improving customer happiness and satisfaction, such as: How do we know what the customer wants? How do we know if the customer […]

Why Customer Support is Important

In today’s environment, it is difficult for a company to sustain the competition as there are many companies with the same products and services. Now the concern is how does a company can differentiate from their rivals. Definitely, exceptional customer support can serve as one of the main differentiators.   Most of the companies fail […]

Exceeding Customer Expectations | 8 Scenarios On How to Deliver

Customer service is about supporting customers, right? Yes, but it can be so much more than that. Customer service has the ability to completely change the way people view your company. Your brand, your product, your mission, they all shape a customer’s views before and during their positive interactions. But the second they hit a […]

Did You Notice? Poor Customer Service is Costing You Big Deal

$75 billion!   Yes, the US companies leave such a massive amount on the table simply because of poor customer service. Although this number includes brands only in the USA, you can speculate that the number would grow exponentially large for global companies combined. In other words, focusing on quality of customer service would certainly yield […]

Must Know Customer Support Terms and Definitions

Tl; Dr – See our infographic: Every aspect of your business has its own terminology. These terminologies facilitate better internal communication and also improves their customer communications. Additionally, this helps in a team and individual evaluation as well. In this post, we are listing the most common customer support terms and definitions. Customer Support Terms […]

Why Should You Delete Your FAQ Page?

If you are wondering why users don’t go through your FAQ page, then you are not alone in the world. There are several other companies investing their time, energy and resources in writing FAQs and still, users are coming on the support chat asking the same set of basic questions. When was the last time […]

How To Hire Customer Support/Service?

Don’t hire just because they Talk well Have prior experience in international support teams Have or don’t have the technical knowledge Are ready to take a pay cut Most successful teams are so because they have the right combination of product, team, distribution, and differentiation. Here the buzz word is team. Like your product or engineering team, your […]

Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Support for Revenue Growth

Business owners rely on a lot of metrics to evaluate whether their business is growing or taking a toll down the hill. Monthly active users, month-by-month growth rate, user retention rate and what not? But at the end of the day, what matters is how your overall revenue is fairing against the cost of acquiring customers. […]

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