Your favorite customer support tool got some powerful updates and features in the month of July. The recent update includes the multiple language support for welcome messages, the latest version of mobile SDKs and other improvements.

If you have missed previous versions of product updates, Read here

Web App

Multiple languages support for welcome messages

Now you can choose multiple languages for setting welcome messages.

Currently, you will be able to use 5 different languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish. We will be adding more languages in the coming days.

Once you choose the languages, then the welcome message will be automatically shown in the languages corresponding to the web browser/system language. If it fails to detect browser language then the default welcome message will be shown.

Please note, this is part of the enterprise plan.

KM welcome messages - Multiple languages

Test your bots

As you already know, bots are the core and powerful feature of kommunicate. Now you have more control and can test your bots without installing the Kommunicate.

Once you install bot in Kommunicate then Go to > Manage bots > Hover over the right-hand side of specific bot > Click on test this bot.

Test Kommunicate bot

Then you will be taken to the bot testing screen as shown below and you can send a message and test your bot. This will help you to cross-check the flow of your bot and to make necessary improvements.

KM eve bot testing screen

Mobile SDKs


We released a new version of the Kommunicate iOS SDK 2.1.0

  • Added an option to create a new conversation from the UI.
  • Added RTL support.
  • Now you can set multiple buttons in the navigation bar from outside.

Android SDK

We released a new version of Kommunicate Android SDK 1.9.0

  • KMConversationBuilder to create conversation seamlessly. All the methods or classes with chat text have been deprecated along with KMChatBuilder.
  • Option to set conversation metadata, conversation assignee and skip conversation routing rules when creating a new conversation.
  • Complete RTL support.
  • Created a new custom dialog builder for kommunicate.
  • Added a new method to get details of login users.
  • Method to get conversation metadata by conversation id.
  • Fixed an issue where conversation title was not changing when switching the conversation from a notification.

That’s all for now. See you next month with more exciting features and updates.


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