kommunicate product updates may 2019

Our team is working hard each and every day to bring the best customer support software experience to you. This time we have done a lot of improvements in our web app and released new versions of SDKs and Agent Apps.

If you have missed April release updates, read here.

Web App

Welcome messages from bots

If you are using bots, then you need to set Welcome Messages from the bot section only. This is in place to avoid multiple welcome messages going from both the Dashboard and Bots.

Now there will be a notification in Welcome Messages settings. (Notification: You are currently using bots in conversation. You cannot set the welcome message from here). Learn more about this here.

Kommunicate bot welcome message settings

Block/Unblock users

Now you can block or unblock user with just a click of a button. Blocking can be done in 2 ways.

1) Go to the User section and just hover over the user whom you want to block then you will see the block option at the edge of the right side.

Kommunicate block users

2) Go to the conversation section and click on particular user conversation than in the user profile section you will see the block user option.

Kommunicate block user from profile section

Once you block the user, they will be unable to send you any messages. You can unblock them manually again.

This functionality is basically added to block the spammers.

User data

We have updated the User section data. User ID will be shown instead of last contacted.

Kommunicate user section data

Improvements in teammates dropdown

Now, the logged in agent’s name will come on top in the teammate’s dropdown section while assigning the conversation.

Kommunicate teammates deopdown

Bug Fixes

  • Previously while choosing quick replies in chat, the user was not able to choose it with keyboard navigation(up and down arrow keys). Now we have added the functionality to use keyboard navigation to navigate between quick replies.
  • Fixed an issue related to the pre-lead collection, now custom data will be loaded spontaneously.
  • Fixed an issue related to FAQ, where multiple FAQ’s were created at the time of saving a single FAQ.

Mobile SDKs


We released a new version of iOS SDK v1.5.0.

  • Added support for showing FAQs. We have added an FAQ button in the Conversation list and Conversation screen both.
  • The assignee details will now be updated in real-time.
  • Now, contact details will be shown for one-to-one chat also.
  • Fixed a crash which was happening when conversation details were missing while opening the Conversation screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Kommunicate localization file was not part of the pod.

Android SDK

We have released v1.8.7 of our Android SDK. Here are the major improvements:

  • Added a callback when a new message is received.
  • Fixed conversation list layout issue for tablets.
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations.

Agent Apps


We released a new version of Agent app v2.2. Bug fixes and improvements in this version include:

  • Added an option to share the conversation URL from the conversation screen.
  • Added universal link support for opening conversation URLs on App.
  • Now, whenever you open a conversation you’ll see updated conversation details on the navigation bar.
  • We have added support for rendering email messages.
  • We now support opening document files like pdf, txt, doc etc.
  • Other under the hood improvements.


The latest version(v1.8.4) of Agent app in Android includes:

  • Take over from bot functionality is now available in Android SDK.
  • Added one more URL for launch conversation.
  • Fixed notification crash for HTML messages which was happening on some devices.
  • We have Fixed UI issue in the Application list screen.
  • Fixed UI issue with unread count on the conversation list screen.
  • Some other bug fixes and optimization.

Major Upcoming Features

We have revolutionized chatbots integration with code-less Dialogflow integration. Behold, for the latest entry in our code-less chatbot integrations – Amazon Lex. Releasing soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

Watch out this space for more product updates.

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