I hope you’re staying safe there and doing your best to keep your dreams alive. On the other hand, we are also doing our best to keep our dreams alive by putting more effort to build the world’s best customer support suite.

Yes, you heard it right. It’s our dream to enable all the businesses to provide world-class customer service and increase their revenue.


Then what did we built in the month of May?

Let’s have a quick ride!

{ If you have missed previous release notes, please head here}.

Kompose (Bot builder)

Multiple language support

Now you can build your chatbot with multiple languages. We support almost all languages.

HTML messages & Preview support

Now you can use HTML messages and also preview them in the bot builder Kompose. Please refer to this Doc for sample HTML messages.

Dialogflow bots

Drag and Drop JSON files

Now you can just drag and drop JSON files when creating Dialogflow bots from Kommunicate (Dashboard >> Bot Integrations >> Integrate bot – Dialogflow)

Multiple image formats

Now you can use different image formats (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, etc.) for the Bot profile image and Chat widget icon.

Changing Bot image – Bot Integrations >> Manage Bots >> Edit >> Bot Photo

Changing chat widget icon – Chat Widget Customization >> Chat widget styling >> Launcher icon

Multiple pre-built bot images

Now you can use pre-built bot images and you’ll be able to select any of the bot images based on your interest and requirement.

You can select from Bot Integrations >> Manage Bots >> Edit >> Bot Photo

Autoresolved conversations filters

Now you can filter and see the Auto resolved conversations by Human and Chatbots.

Teammates UI (Revamped)

We have changed the teammate’s section’s UI to support the multiple team features which are coming in the future, where you’ll be able to auto-assign conversations based on the teams/departments.

Facebook icon updates

We have added FB icon in the dashboard section to notify agents that the conversation was initiated form Facebook and differentiate it from other conversations.

Last seen update

Now you can see last seen of your particular team members. Last seen refers to the last time the agent was online on the dashboard.

Settings >> Company >> Teammates

Improved Agent’s table User Interface

In the new dashboard analytics interface, we’ve made changes to our agent’s table UI which shows all the conversation status of the agents along with their display photo.

Users waiting for first response

By clicking on the link users waiting for first response from the Dashboard Teammates section you will be able to see the conversations which are waiting for ‘first response pending’. This will help you to quickly analyze and reply to all those pending queries.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed the issue where “Takeover from Bot” was coming even for conversations assigned to the agent.
  • Fixed the API key is not generated for Invited User on the first time itself.

Mobile SDKs

We have released the new versions of Objective-C SDK (v7.5.0).

Objective-C SDK:

  • Offline storage(CoreData) encryption to ensure the file is inaccessible when the phone is locked.
  • Now the user password will be stored in the Keychain, and this store is encrypted to avoid unauthorized access.

Agent app

Updates in iOS Agent app:

We released the new versions of the iOS Agent App (3.1.2)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when you open several conversations in a row.
  • Squashed a bug where the back button did not appear when you opened a conversation through a search.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when a message update is delayed.

Updates in the Android agent app:

The new version of the Android Agent App (2.4.3)

  • Added option to change the “conversation status” and “conversation assignee”.
  • Added option to set yourself “Away”.
  • The text is now selectable on the user info screen.
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

That’s all for now folks. Watch out this space for more updates.


Samir is a support engineer at Kommunicate and he is a customer's champion.

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