In the month of November, we have added additional features in Kompose, and Bot analytics. Also updated the existing ones to improve your overall experience with Kommunicate.

If you want to catch up last month update, please head here.

Web App


CSAT rating for Bots

We have added support to filter CSAT Ratings for the bots also along with the Human Agents which would be very useful to improve the bot performance.

Improved Bot Analytics

We have added a separate Bot Conversations Overview section which shows the percentage and the number of conversations handed over to the Human Agents from Bots. These stats would be helpful in training the bots better and improving the bot quality, performance.

Kompose Bot builder

Preview for Cards

We have added a preview for the rich message generic cards in the Kompose.


Disable Attachment

We have added an option to disable the attachment option in the chat widget. It can be disabled from the dashboard.

Flexible Conversation section

We have added the ability to close and open the user info panel section in the Conversation section which would be helpful for agents while answering the user queries.

Other Updates:

  • Added support to send an acknowledgment message to the user when the user fills out the form template
  • Now Facebook integration supports messages coming from external sources also
  • Ability to create triggers in Zapier integration whenever the conversation assignee or status are changed
  • Restrict the ability to create duplicate team names
  • Restrict the teammate removal when the selected teammate is an assignee in the team conversation rules


  • We have added the ability to select a single date in the analytics section
  • Fixed a bug when email id is passed to KM_ASSIGN_TO parameter
  • We fixed the delay in Auto-resolve for the conversations
  • Fixed the security issues

Mobile updates


We’ve released a new version of the Kommunicate iOS SDK(5.8.0):

  • Added support for setting a pre-filled message before launching a chat.
  • Added support for language change rich message.
  • Enabled document sharing in the default configuration.
  • Added send message API for sending text and rich messages.
  • Config options for changing text view’s text and placeholder style.
  • Added date picker and text validation support in form template.
  • New Photos UI for iOS 14+ devices to send images/videos without giving full access to the library.

Android SDK

We’ve released a new version of Kommunicate Android SDK(2.1.1):

  • Now, you can enable/disable CSAT from the Dashboard, and it will reflect in your App.
  • Improved the voice quality in audio recording.
  • Added a setting to change the toolbar title and subtitle colors.
  • Added a message character limit option.

Thanks for your time. Watch out this space for more updates!

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