In the month of October, we have added some new cool features and released the latest version of Mobile SDKs and Agent app.

If you have missed September release updates, read here.

Web App

Sound notification:

Now you can grab the attention of visitors as we added a sound notification for pre-chat popup animation.

Closing button:

Now pre-chat popup has a closing button and visitors will be able to close it.

Single-threaded conversations:

We have added settings for restricting your users from creating multiple conversation threads.

Send chat transcription to users:

We have revamped the design of the user info section and mainly added a new option for sending chat transcription to the user before resolving the conversation.

New chat widget:

We have released revamped and the faster chat widget.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue where pre-chat popup was not working when the pre-chat lead collection is active.
  2. The bot typing indicator was showing outside of the visible message area.
  3. Squashed a bug where the wrong message was reflecting on adding new team members.
  4. Worked on an issue related to the link button, where clicking on the arrow icon was not redirecting to the suggested link.
  5. Updated away messages in case of the bot to human handoff.
  6. Fixed an issue related to bot where voice text was coming in kommunicate chat widget.

Mobile SDKs


We have released a new version of iOS SDK 2.4.0.

  • Now we support iOS 13
  • Added support to change the navigation bar properties using UIAppearance.
  • Added support for rich message template 11. Using this you can create a rich message, that supports different types of buttons in a single message.
  • Updated UI for the link button and refactored rich messages to use the same view for all types of buttons.
  • Added an option to customize the border of the message bubble.

Android SDK

We have released a new version of Android SDK 1.9.2

  • Added feedback rating option in conversation once the conversation is closed.
  • Migrated complete kommunicate SDK to AndroidX.
  • Added chat context update method.
  • Fixed channel name not updating in real-time.
  • Worked on an issue where storage permission was not being asked in camera.
  • Fixed issue where action messages were visible in some cases

Agent app

Updates in iOS agent app:

  • Added support for iOS 13.
  • Added a new user details screen where you can view/update the details like name and email id.
  • Now you can delete a conversation from the user details screen.
  • Added zoom in the Picture preview screen.
  • Added an option to open an email message in the browser.
  • And fixed some under the hood issues.

Updated in Android agent app:

  • All, Assigned and Closed conversation sections now available on the app.
  • Added Search feature.
  • A new user info screen added for support groups and one-to-one conversations. You can update the user email, phone number and delete the conversation from the user info screen.
  • Quick replies added. Type ‘/’ to access quick replies configured from the dashboard.
  • Complete RTL support.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

That’s all for now! See you soon.


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