Updated on November 30, 2023

Chatbots have taken over the customer service domain. They can address customer queries faster, easier, and with more accuracy than human agents. 

As chatbots become more intelligent and capable with every passing day, the volume of chatbot-led conversations is also increasing day by day. According to the latest data from Comm100, in more than 91% of cases, chatbots were able to resolve chats from start to finish.

If you are thinking it is too early for your Shopify store to have a chatbot, maybe it is time to rethink. 

Why do you need chatbots for your Shopify store?

Shopify stores are great in visual appeal and customer experience. However, any website inherently is static in nature. It cannot respond to the queries of website visitors. It can only offer one-way information.

To listen to customer queries and offer timely solutions, your Shopify store needs a chatbot. Integrating your Shopify store with a chatbot delivers several benefits.

  1. Solve cart abandonment
  2. Nurture and qualify leads
  3. Re-engage with customers on multiple platforms
  4. Automate customer support

1. Solve cart abandonment

Cart abandons happen due to a variety of reasons. Unclear returns policy. Better prices offered by competitors. Payment security concerns. And several other reasons. 

If your store does not capture what made your customer abandon the shopping cart, you will have no absolute control over it. Your Shopify store needs a mechanism by which the reasons leading to shopping cart abandonment can be captured. 

The solution for the same comes in the form of live chat software or chatbot. A chatbot is ideal since it can engage in contextual conversations with the customer. It can figure out from customer conversations the specific reasons leading to cart abandonment and what can be done about it.

2. Nurture and qualify leads

Small businesses work with a lean workforce. Their sales teams are tied for time and often have to prioritize which leads to pursue and which ones to ignore. However, haphazard lead qualification is not recommended since it can filter away hot leads thereby stunting revenue growth. 

Chatbots can act as virtual sales assistants who can ask basic questions to prospects and qualify them as warm or cold leads. By nurturing and qualifying leads, they can support sales teams and enable them to pursue those leads that have maximum chances of conversion.

3. Re-engage with customers on multiple platforms

When Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Bots in 2016, it began a new era in the automation space. Today, chatbots have become capable of interacting with customers through multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even some other instant messengers. The result is omnichannel customer communication and superior customer experience. 

4. Automate customer support

The biggest benefit of having chatbots is that it allows businesses to automate their customer support. You can program chatbots to respond to FAQs, track order details, provide updates on product offers, and much more. Automation is possible on all these activities, thus ensuring that the process remains largely free of manual intervention.

The best chatbots to choose from for your business

A quick search for chatbots for Shopify on Google will give you 15,20,000 search results. Each SERP is going to list down 10-20 chatbots that they think are the best. Needless to say, the decision-making process is not going to be an easy one. This might appear to be yet another listicle, however, we have tried to include as much information, including pricing to help you narrow down the chatbots that you can use for your Shopify store.

1. Kommunicate chatbot

Kommunicate’s chatbot is the easiest and simplest way to automate your customer service function. Kommunicate offers codeless bot integration which means you don’t have to sweat long in coding to have NLP-powered support bots up and ready on your website. 

Further, you can also build bots for various purposes with the chatbot builder. These chatbots can perform a variety of tasks including lead qualification, responding to website visitors, scheduling meetings, and much more. 


  • Start – $480 per year
  • Scale – $1200 per year
  • Business – Custom pricing


  • Maximum uptime
  • Multiple integrations for every platform
  • Great customer service
  • Easy User Interface. 
  • Setup is easy to configure

2. Relish.ai

Want to run your sales and support smoothly even when you are offline? RelishAI can help with that. Although built specifically for Shopify stores, RelishAI can be relied upon to offer personalized, smart, AI-powered chatbot assistance to your website visitors, app users, or prospects. The chatbot tool is an excellent way to turn conversations into sales opportunities. 

In terms of customer support, the tool can help reduce the manual effort of customer support executives by reducing support ticket volume, automating responding, and ultimately sparing agents to spend time on high-priority tasks. 


  • Grow – $29
  • Pro – $99
  • Premium – $299
  • Enterprise – $599

3. GoBot

GoBot aims to make shopping more personalized and convenient for customers with intelligent product recommendations and helpful content suggestions. At the heart of the service are chatbots. GoBot helps co-create unique shopping experiences with customers by taking personalization to the next level. It achieves hyper-personalization by asking questions that lead to the right choice of products. This customer-led customer shopping experience helps in elevating the shopping experience while reducing reliance on customer support.


Gobot offers custom pricing. You can request a demo for a walkthrough of the product and get a customized quote. 

4. JivoChat

JivoChat calls itself a live chat software for websites. However, it is also an excellent service to connect with your customers through messengers. Messengers include all forms of instant messengers including Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and much more. Further, JivoChat also integrates with popular CRM software like Pipedrive, Wix.com, Slack, and Zapier, among many others. By integrating all these messaging channels, you can converge your customer service and automate eCommerce operations easily.


  • Basic – $0
  • Professional – $19
  • Enterprise  – Custom pricing

5. Engati

If you thought creating a chatbot requires writing code and developmental expertise, Engati is a deviation. It is one of the best low-code AI chatbots and live chat platforms that will help you create a chatbot without writing code. With Engati, you can stitch all your customer conversations into one place. Further, Engati also allows you to scale conversations at an enterprise scale thus helping you with unhindered business growth. 


Engati offers three pricing models:

  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Partner

The pricing for each plan can be obtained by placing a request.

6. ProProfs chat

Chatbots usually help automate customer conversations and provide instant support. Further, ProProfs chat also helps transfer conversations to human agents for complicated conversations that cannot be resolved with canned responses. The canned responses can be further enriched with self-help articles that can help customers resolve their issues on their own. 


  • Essentials – $20 per month
  • Premium – $60 per month
  • Business – Custom pricing

7. HeyDay

There are several chatbot applications out there in the market that tend to target all kinds of businesses. heyDay is a chatbot offering specifically for retail businesses. It promises to drive more eCommerce sales through engaged customer conversations. From responding to customer queries to guiding customers from the product page until checkout, there is so much that HeyDay can do. Further, if your eCommerce store is running on Shopify, then there is a pricing plan that is tailor made for Shopify merchants.



  • For Shopify merchants – Starting $49 per month
  • For larger brands – Starting $1,000 per month

8. Maisie.ai

Maisie, like most chatbot programs, helps you drive engaging conversations with customers. What makes it different is that it offers customers many options at each stage of the conversation. It essentially puts the customer in the driving seat of the conversation. As a result, customers are able to find the exact product that they are looking for with the shortest effort possible. Maisie has proven to result in a direct increase in conversion rates, customer engagement, and a reduction in customer tickets. 


Maisie’s pricing begins at %15 per month for 5,000 unique visitors. You can choose a pricing plan based on the unique visitors. 

For example:

  • For up to 50,000 unique visitors the pricing is $79 per month
  • Up to 100,000 unique visitors the pricing is $149 per month
  • For up to 200,000 unique visitors the pricing is $299 per month

There is also a 14-day trial available to check out the product.

9. Autochat.io

Autochat.io is a conversational customer engagement solution that takes a long shot that extends beyond chatbot conversations. The tool wants to enable businesses to sell better and faster to customers by assisting them in their customer journeys. Also, Autochat.io uses a graphical interface which ensures that building a chatbot does not require extensive coding or development effort. With a couple of clicks, you can easily integrate your eCommerce CMS platform or set up the chatbot on your website. 


  • Free tier – Free up to first 5,000 shopping sessions
  • Paid tier – $1 per month for every additional session above 5,000 sessions
  • Volume pricing – Custom pricing

10. Octane AI

Octane AI is not a typical chatbot solution. It positions itself as a powerful quiz platform for Shopify. In other words, it helps create quiz questions that will gather as much information as possible from customers and lead them to the right products through suggestions. The tool does not require any coding and is available completely with conditional logic, advanced design, and in-depth analytics.


Octane AI’s pricing progresses based on sales revenue. There are six slabs based on revenue:

  • < $1 Million
  • $1 to  $5 Million
  • $5 to $10 Million
  • $1 to $15 Million
  • $15 to $20 Million
  • $20 Million+

Under each slab, there are two plans: Octane and Octane Plus. for businesses with <1 Million in revenue, the pricing plan is as follows:

  • Octane – $ 50 per month
  • Octane Plus – $200 per month

Conclusion: How to choose the right chatbot for your Shopify store

Shopify might have made it easier for you to build and launch your online store. A chatbot can help run the online store easier. 

You don’t have to remain online round-the-clock to attend to website visitors.

Don’t have to provide order updates manually. 

You don’t have to respond to customer FAQs case by case. 

With chatbots, you can automate a large chunk of activities without breaking your bank. 

To make the right choice of a Shopify chatbot, make sure you follow these pointers:

  1. Choose a chatbot that integrates with all CMS and third-party applications you use
  2. Ensure the pricing plan is affordable and matched to your scale of operations
  3. Ensure complete customization of the look and feel of the chatbot
  4. Look for backend customizations to offer the right product recommendations and solution article suggestions
  5. Review the customer service records and reputation of the chatbot brand

Apart from these pointers, it is also highly recommended to take the chatbot for a spin for a trial to ensure that your choice is indeed ideal and right in manner. 

The best chatbots to choose from for your business

Chatbot name SpecialityFree Trial
Kommunicate  No-code AI Chatbots, with an increasingly intelligent bot to human handoff system.Yes. 30 days.
Relish AI Keyword fragmentation to redirect Customers to relevant parts of the site.Yes. 14 days.
Formilla Ability to tag high value customers for follow up.Yes. 15 days
ZendeskDirectly process refund and cancellation through the chatbotYes. 30 days
IntercomCustomized profiles for leads to send them push notification alerts and emails.Yes. 14 days
HeydayA long list of integrations with popular platforms.Yes. 14 days 
OchatbotAdvanced analytics, with snapshot reports and customer journey insights.Yes. 45  days
GobotShoppable Quizzes, also manages subscription and refund queriesYes. First 5000 interactions.
Maisie chatbotAbility to subscribe to off-site notifications.Yes. 14 days.
NibbleCreate AI negotiations and deals, track dwell time and number of page visits by activating on the exit intent.Yes. Free for upto 250 negotiations/ month.

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