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The revolutionary chatting bots can actually boost your sales and revenue – and we call it Sales Chatbot!

Yes, we are sure about it, and so should you. After all, Siri and Alexa were not only to have a chat and resolve your issues; rather, they have many more features, out of which we will unveil some really exciting ones.

So, get ready to learn some fun pedagogical tricks about chatbots and improve your sales through these effective solutions!

All about Chatbots

Chatbots have been in the tech talk for a long time. Today, almost all brands and companies use chatbots. Theoretically, ‘A chatbot is a computer program specifically designed to interact and respond to real-time discussions. It may either be in the form of voice messages or chats offering instant solutions to the customers.’ 

Did you know?

The initial chatbots date back to the 1960s, which means that it’s even older than the internet!

However, the concept was not plausible until 2019.Thanks to the pandemic, that shifted many offline businesses to online platforms and helped Chatbots flourish during the period.

Every company today has a chatbot as an elementary receiver, ready to resolve all our queries without any human interaction. Consequently, brands are utilizing the service and gearing up their businesses, as almost 82% of AI and chatbot users find these solutions much more effective and valuable. 

Isn’t it amazing how a bot can offer satisfactory real-time solutions?

Nevertheless, when chatbots are busy resolving queries and generating and qualifying leads, the sales team gets ample time to improve the sales process. After all, adding a chatbot is like adding a smart assistant to your team that will surely help you be more effective and productive. So, the commonly-known chatbots are also the most-efficient sales chatbots by performing functions that are simple yet powerful. 

 sales chatbots

Boosting your sales was never too easy, but the sales chatbot is helping with the same. 

Read on to find some actual and successful ways to escalate your sales and boost your revenue through sales chatbots!

What is a Sales Chatbot? 

A Sales Chatbot is a tool helping salespeople to manage and track deals. It also supports an effective management system by providing sales intelligence through product recommendations, competitive analysis, etc. The pre-built service offers cost-effective and smarter solutions and helps you double up your sales within a short span.

These chatbots effectively automate the sales process. Businesses using sales chatbots generate better leads and engage and qualify conversions easily. The process becomes completely automated, and you get more time to focus on other important tasks. Hence, the chatbots on sales ensure better returns on all your marketing investments.

How to use sales chatbots to 10X your revenue

It sounds easy to use sales chatbots and increase your sales. However, it is always incomplete without a well-planned execution. So, here are 5 top uses of sales chatbots that will help to 10X your revenue within a limited time.

1. Lead Generation 

Sales Chatbots act great when it comes to boosting lead generation and better customer optimization. Building your chatbot for lead generation will help in improved follow-ups and more conversations. 

Chatbots are available 24*7, and thus, having better conversational skills can help you generate more qualified leads. However, it is essential to build a human touch and avoid sounding robotic. It will help build a personal relationship with the customer and consequently increase conversions. So, to qualify leads with chatbots –

  • Target the lead qualification sales bots based on the customer’s journey and the services you follow. This will engage more people and help improve revenue.
  • Design and prioritize the question flow so that the customers can get a personalized experience. It will help build trust and reliability in the brand.
  • Keep the process easy and simple. Try to add some easy-to-click buttons and remove the unnecessary points that may be burdensome and frustrating.

2. Customer Engagement

Giving customers the right details and leading their reliable journey can help build trust and engagement. AI chatbots and sales bots automate the process and help in sharing updated information regularly with customers. Moreover, they help clarify all their queries and guide them through the sales funnel, building trust and more customer engagement. 

Here are the tips for building more customer engagement through sales chatbots –

  • Sending regular quotations describing the product,  pricing, and the order and return process can help in efficient customer engagement.
  • Helping the customer to pick and compare the products through visual representation or sales chatbot also boosts customer engagement and helps them make faster decisions.

3. Detailed Product Recommendations 

Product introductions

Offering detailed and useful product information is yet another way to boost your sales!

Generally, customers don’t have enough time to go through the wide range of products and services that you offer. Hence, giving a valid answer to all their queries and guiding them through the process can help in more and more conversions. 

Here chatbots can prove to be the best sales chatbots if they eliminate the need for any third party and help the customers throughout the process. It can be done through –

  • Instant and reliable conversations with customers and guiding them through product recommendations and easy processes.
  • Chatbots can help in better customer understanding by having personalized conversations and regular interactions with customers.

4. Customize the customer experience

Your customers love when you are concerned about them and take special care of all their needs. So, starting with a heartfelt welcome, try to know their expectations and work accordingly to offer them the best services. 

We know that lead conversion is not as easy as lead generation. However, customizing your customer experience can effectively do so. You can use a sales Chatbot to automate the process and follow these points to customize their experience.

  • Sending friendly and special welcome messages whenever there is a new website visitor will make them feel extra special and wanted.
  • Design a bot flow in such a way that it helps you know more about your leads and provide them services accordingly.
  • Customize the customer’s experience by designing their plans as per their needs.

5. Capture customer feedback

Customer feedback

Your customer is the king, and you need to know what he feels. Getting customer feedback will help you brush your service and work towards achieving a better customer experience. Sales bot helps with the process through conversations and sharing a feedback form after every order. The following steps will help capture true and reliable customer feedback.

  • Add a feedback form or an instant star rating after every purchase. It will help you know if your services are up to the mark or not.
  • Try to solve the issues if there are any and plot the bot suggestions accordingly. Resolving all the glitches faster will help your customers get the best and stick to the brand.


Sales chatbots can be effective in becoming the best solution for building sales and revenue. They definitely help you cater to and hold a large part of your client base. Yet, choose to use them effectively, and you are all set to boost your revenue.

So, train your bots now to always get the best and much-awaited results!

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