In the month of January, we have added some cool features to kommunicate for optimizing your customer support more efficiently.

If you have missed the previous updates, please read here.


Mute your chat widget notifications

Now you can mute your chat widget notifications when the user moves to a different tab.

Go to settings > Chat widget > Change the notification sound > Choose no sound

Dialogflow knowledgebase ID

Now you can update your Dialogflow knowledgebase IDs in kommunicate dashboard settings. This will speed up your integration with dialogflow.

Login to kommunicate dashboard > bot integration > manage bots > edit bot > update id

Tag filter restriction

Now operators will only be able to select the existing tags and won’t be able to create the new tags.

Enter to send

Whenever the user clicks on the press to enter send checkbox in the typing area that setting will be saved in the browser’s local storage so the user won’t have to select again and again. This setting will be cleared once a logout happens. 

Now the written message will be saved, even if you move to another tab. You can come back and continue where you have left the message.

Bugs fixes

  • The issue fixed for agent dropdown value is not coming sometimes.
  • The duplicate ticket is getting created in Zendesk.
  • The test bot banner is not getting removed if the user deletes the bot.
  • Squashed a bug where the Zendesk ticket create button was not disabling after clicking on it.

Mobile SDKs


We’ve released a new version of iOS SDK 3.1.0

  • Added CSAT support. It will be shown once the conversation is resolved. [Beta]
  • Email message layout improvement.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple new conversations were created in some cases.

Android SDK

We’ve released a new version of Android SDK 1.9.6

  • Changed the CSAT rating scale to 1,5,10
  • Added support for template ID 11 in Rich messages.
  • Added an option to add conversation parent activity dynamically.
  • Optimized login flow and push notification registration. We’ll internally check if a user is already logged in.
  • Added an option to update the bot language.
  • Updated deep-link support in rich messages buttons.
  • Added a new file provider authority for Kommunicate SDK to avoid conflicts with other file providers.
  • Worked on an issue where MQTT was not working for users registered in-app version 112.
  • Fixed file access issue for apps targeting SDK version 29.
  • Fixed an issue where file upload was not working after the first install.

Agent app

Updates in iOS Agent app:

  • Added support for the Conversation Search feature.
  • Improved email message layout and increased the gap between messages.
  • Fixed some UI styling issues in the Conversation and Login screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Application list screen.

That’s all for now folks. See you soon!

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