In the month of July, we have added some powerful features and updated the existing ones to improve your overall experience with your favorite customer support tool Kommunicate.

If you have missed the previous updates, please head here.


Facebook Integration

Facebook messenger Rich messages

Now you’ll be able to use rich messages in Facebook messenger. Currently, you can add the Basic card, Card Carousel, Link buttons, and Quick replies in your Facebook messenger.

Welcome Screen on Facebook

Now your Facebook messenger welcome screen includes a ‘Get Started’ button.

If your visitor taps on the ‘Get Started’ button, the message ‘Get Started’ will be posted into the conversation, and your chatbot is then granted permission to send messages.


Custom messages for users in Auto-Resolve

Now you can send Custom Message to your user in case of Auto Resolved conversations.

“Do-not-auto-resolve” tag

We added the tag option “Do-not-auto-resolve” to prevent auto-resolving the conversations. There might be some conversations where you need to keep on the conversation queue and update the customer. For those cases, this tag will be useful.


Smart reply buttons

Now you can add smart reply buttons to your bots with single click.

Auto fetch email ID

Now your Kompose Bot can automatically fetch user email ID from chat conversations and update their email on the user info panel.

CSAT rating table

Now you’ll be able to see all the agents rating from CSAT table on the dashboard analytics section. This will help you to improve individual agent performance and your customer experience as well.

Automatic Away messages

Now, you don’t need to set up office hours, our system automatically detects if your team is Offline or online and displays away message in that case.

First response pending Indicator

Now you can easily identify your pending convesations as now we have added waiting icon to all of your pending convesations. This will help you to quickly identify the conversations which are waiting for first response  and enable you to anwer them quickly.

Eventually it can help you to reduce your first response time.








Transcript button

Now the “Show Transcript to user” button will be shown all times in your user info panel even if the email is not present and notify users if the email is missing.

New avatar icon colors

Now you can see the colorful Avatar icons on each and every conversations. I hope you like it.

Other Updates:

  • [Backend] Queue based system for chat assignment. Please reach out to us.
  • [Backend] Now you can connect your helpcenter knowledge base with your Kompose bot. Please reach out to us.
  • Now operators can reassign conversation to the same bot.
  • Option to add a newly created bot and assign old conversations.
    to the bot.
  • New and improved error handling when the user is disconnected from the internet.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed the Bot to human handoff issue, where the bot interruption occurred even after transferring to a human agent
  • Fixed TypeError: Cannot read property ‘groupId’ of undefined
  • We have fixed the issue where  the mail API is returning [“Internal_Server_Error]
  • Fixed agent routing values is missing on “KM_APP_SETTINGS”
  • We have fixed the issue where tags were not reflected in the Zendesk end.
  • Fixed the side arrows not working on the carousel card in the sidebox
  • Squashed a bug where the email update was not working when the user was entering capital letters.
  • Fixed a bug to prevent a conversation from getting resolved/reopen when a user clicks on the button multiple times
  • We have fixed the issue where CSAT ratings are not triggering for encrypted account
  • Fix the JSON error for block/unblock user

Mobile updates


We’ve released a new version of the Kommunicate iOS SDK 5.5.1:

  • Added form template support in the rich messages.
  • Fixed an issue related to attachment download failing in some cases.
  • Fixed audio play issue that occurred when conversation threads were switched via a notification.

Android SDK

We’ve released a new version of Kommunicate Android SDK

  • Added support for language change through a rich message template.
  • Fixed an issue where form data was getting cleared after submission.
  • Added support for JWT based authentication in the MQTT connection.
  • Fixed an issue where attachment downloads were not working in some cases.
  • Added support for showing the agent’s away status.
  • Updated a setting to override the message status icon color.
  • SDK optimization: reduced size of SDK by ~1 MB.
  • Now we support `postBackToBotPlatform` in form template.
  • We added support for character limit check in message for Dialogflow bot.
  • Added custom toasts in the SDK.
  • Now support message blocking through the custom regex.

Updates in iOS Agent app

  • Added support for member search in conversation assignment.
  • Fixed audio play issue that occurred when conversation threads were switched via a notification.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while updating the conversation list.

If you have any suggestions, please reach out to us at


Samir is a support engineer at Kommunicate and he is a customer's champion.

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