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Kommunicate solves problems for its customers – the smart way.

Choosing Kommunicate is setting up your enterprise for success, including improved customer satisfaction, better operational efficiency, and a competitive edge in the respective industries. 

Here are a few reasons why Kommunicate is the best choice for Enterprise customer support automation.

i) Generative AI Capabilities: 

Kommunicate is revolutionizing enterprise customer support automation by integrating cutting-edge generative AI capabilities. Generative AI allows for dynamic content creation, from generating knowledge articles to crafting personalized responses.

At the forefront of Kommunicate’s Generative AI capabilities are the Document Scanner and Website Scraper features.

With Document Scanner, you can convert any document, be it a PDF, CSV, Word Document, or Excel Document, into a chatbot!! Imagine being able to ask an Excel sheet, which has thousands of rows of raw data, specific questions!!

This is all possible thanks to gen AI, and you can read more about Kommunicate’s Excel sheet integration, which we are super proud of, here

Extract data from Excel Sheets
Extract data from Excel sheets

As an enterprise, we know that not all of your documents are available for download. What if some of your most valuable resources are in the form of help center docs hosted on a website? Kommunicate’s got you covered there, too.

With Kommunicate’s Website Scraper feature,  you can convert any website into a chatbot with just a few clicks. Chat with the website, even if there are multiple URLs, and wait for your customer support reps to thank you for saving their time. 

Kommunicate thus harnesses Generative AI and empowers enterprises to deliver exceptional customer service experiences.

ii) Security And Compliance: 

Security is Kommunicate’s top priority, and when you sign up to use the platform, you can rest assured – your data is safe. Kommunicate adheres to stringent industry standards such as end-to-end encryption, role-based access control, and other data privacy measures.

Kommunicate is compliant with GDPR and HIPAA, meaning that there is no concern when it comes to regulatory adherence. Kommunicate’s secure architecture and compliance measures will take care of the risks associated with data breaches, unauthorized access, and non-compliance penalties.

Thus, enterprises can leverage Kommunicate’s advanced automation capabilities without compromising sensitive information or violating industry standards. They can also scale their customer support operations while meeting critical security and regulatory requirements.

iii) Seamless Integration With Complex Ecosystems

Enterprises often operate within intricate ecosystems, utilyzing various tools and platforms to streamline their operations. Due to this, Kommunicate offers a wide variety of  integration capabilities, which will allow enterprises to connect their existing systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software,  help desk solutions, and knowledge bases, with the customer support automation platform.

Agents thus get a centralized and unified view of customer data, giving them more than enough information and context for each customer interaction.

Kommunicate integrates with a host of CRM software, including Zendesk, Pipedrive, AgileCRM, and Salesforce. The platform can thus access and leverage customer profiles, purchase histories, and previous interactions, allowing agents to provide contextual support experiences.

Kommunicate CRMs
CRM integrations available with Kommunicate

Integration with help desk software also ensures that customer inquiries, tickets, and resolutions are synced across platforms, improving agent productivity and ensuring consistent support.

iv) Omnichannel Integration: 

Kommunicate understands the importance of providing seamless support across multiple channels, which ensures that customers can reach out through their preferred mode of communication. Kommunicate supports various platforms, such as website chat, mobile apps, social media, email, and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.

v) Advanced Conversational AI:

Kommunicate’s customer support automation solution is powered by an advanced, powerful Conversational AI engine. It leverages Natural Language Processing and machine learning to understand customer inquiries, provide accurate responses, and engage in intelligent conversations. Kommunicate’s AI-powered chatbots thus free up human agents to focus on more complex issues that require intervention.

Kommunicate provides the UI with rich messages for DialogFlow and Amazon Lex.

vi) Customizable Workflows: 

With enterprises, the needs are always diverse and complex, and Kommunicate addresses this with highly customizable workflows. Users of Kommunicate can design their chatbots to follow specific protocols, trigger actions based on customer inputs, and integrate seamlessly with existing processes. With this flexibility, customers can rest assured that Kommunicate aligns perfectly with their unique business requirements.

vii) Analytics And Reporting

Kommunicate is known for its detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering enterprises to optimize their customer support through comprehensive data insights. The platform provides detailed metrics on conversation volumes, response times, resolution rates, CSAT, and more.

Analytics and Reporting
Analytics and reporting at Kommunicate

With this data-driven approach, enterprises can continuously monitor and optimize their support strategies. This makes sure they are in alignment with evolving customer needs and business objectives.

Enterprises can leverage these powerful analytics to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Eventually, this will drive growth and success.

viii) Exceptional Support

We have listed all of our technical features in this article, but we saved our best feature for last. It is something that we pride ourselves on, and something that took not months, but years to perfect – Kommunicate’s exceptional customer support.

If you look at the 500-plus customers that Kommunicate has or go through the G2 crowd or other reviews on various websites, this aspect of Kommunicate stands out time and again. Our support engineers really care for our customers. This is evident in the dedication they put into resolving queries in the least amount of time.

Customer review Kommunicate
Conte.It is an Insurance Company based out of Italy. They use the Kommunicate chatbot to streamline their customer support queries.

As an enterprise, you want to always have a team of support engineers who are there for you. And Kommunicate fulfills this promise. Kommunicate’s support engineers are readily available to address any questions, concerns, or queries that may arise. Whether it’s providing best practices for optimizing chatbot performance, troubleshooting technical challenges, or giving you the latest insights into industry trends, Kommunicate’s support team is always ready to extend their help.

So, Why Kommunicate?

The world of customer support is rapidly evolving, and Kommunicate stands out as the premier choice for enterprises who are looking to leverage the power of automation. Kommunicate’s cutting edge technology, combined with its unwavering commitment to customer success, helps it deliver exceptional customer experiences. So, we hope your question now is not “Why Kommunicate?” but “Why not?”

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