Last Updated on June 10, 2022

Add Tumblr live chat support in kommunicate

Live chat is faster and the best way for your customers, website visitors to chat with you in real-time. Live chat provides a far better experience than the contact forms or communicating through emails.

A market bustling with customers who seek a new service or product every day makes their work easy. But in case they get stuck, they seek instant answers to their questions.

Organizations feel the pressure to be prompt – to address customers’ questions with lighting speed. One of the main reasons why live chat implementation is essential for business websites and blogs.

In this post, we will see how you can add a live chat to Tumblr website.

Tumblr is an online scrapbook of texts, photos, videos, and audio clips. In other words, it’s a cross between a blog and a twitter feed. Tumblr is a great outlet for creative persons/teams to share cool things you discover and follow others with similar interests.

Let’s see how to install live chat on a Tumblr blog.


You should have a Tumblr account and you’ll need Kommunicate’s live chat plugin for adding the live chat to your Tumblr blog.

Step by step guide to add live chat to your Tumblr Websites.

Step 1: Log in to your Tumblr account

Login to your Tumblr blog account and click on the “user account icon”, then in the drop-down menu click the “Edit appearance” option.

Tumblr live chat appearance

Step 2: Open the Edit appearance section.

Click on the “Edit theme” in the section “Website Theme”.

Edit Tumblr theme

Step 3: Open the HTML section.

Now you will be on the ‘Edit theme’ page. Click on the “Edit HTML” option.

Edit Tumblr html

Step 4: Add your live chat script here.

Paste your Kommunicate live chat script snippet at the end of the HTML code, just before the </body> tag at the last, as shown in the image.

Tumblr livechat script

For getting the Kommunicate live chat script

  1. Login to the Kommunicate dashboard
  2. Select the settings ⚙️ option, navigate to the INSTALL section and click the Web tab and copy the Javascript code
Kommunicate live chat script

Step 5: Publish your Tumblr website.

Now navigate back to your ‘Edit appearance’ setting and click on the “Tumblr URL”. You will be able to see the chat widget on the website.

Chat Widget on website

In this way, you can add live chat to Tumblr blogs in a few simple steps.

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