Updated on December 28, 2023

Generative AI Tools 2023

Sam Altman opened the floodgates of AI technology when he disrupted the IT landscape with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With a record number of subscribers crossing all existing subscriber counts, ChatGPT reigns supreme when it comes to ubiquity. This has made way for other alternatives to ChatGPT that offer more and sometimes at a lower price. 

1. The need for tools like ChatGPT

Here are a few reasons why you can and in some cases must use alternatives to ChatGPT:

a. ChatGPT requires prompt engineering where the user will need to learn the proper prompts to obtain the information they require. This is especially applicable when you need to access a multitude of information from ChatGPT alone.

b. ChatGPT 3.5 which is free for users has a maximum number of queries that an individual can ask the platform. This makes it hard to use this version for commercial applications

c. ChatGPT-4 model that has even more advanced capabilities comes with a price tag of $20 USD per month

d. ChatGPT cannot access current information after 2021, which is a major restriction. 

Add-ons and integration with social media are unavailable and customizations according to brand and company name are not possible with ChatGPT alone.

a. Writing

1. Writer.com

Writer is a generative AI platform which can create content across teams ranging from Marketing to customer success and service teams. Whether it is keeping your messaging channels on-brand with the right tone and keywords or creating learning and development content, Writer.com will help you do it.

Pricing starts at $18 per user per month for a team of up to 5 people. Bigger teams will need to request an enterprise quote.

Writer.com generative ai tool

2. OpenAI Playground

This is an online platform that enables users to try out different natural language processing models and comes packed with many features. Some of these features include chatting, translation, text generation, and answering queries. 

OpenAI Playground generative ai tool

3. Chat by Copy AI

Chat by Copy.ai is an AI tool that is built with sales and marketing folk in mind. You can weave real-time data into personalized emails , which you can be create at scale. As a marketer, you can create detailed outlines for content or even content briefs with real-time SERP data. This overcomes ChatGPT’s limitation which prevents it from accessing data from 2021 and no later.

There is also a built-in editor so that you can create and edit content in a single window along with research and optimization. You can use the Forever Free plan or upgrade to $49 USD per month.

Chat by Copy AI generative ai tool

4. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is an AI chat platform that is built with marketing performance in mind. While you can’t use it as a search engine, you can use it to generate content that is tailor-fit to your brand and business. Plans start at $39 USD per month that enable everything from content outlines and email copy to image creation at 2K high resolution. When it comes to facts, you need to ensure by checking them yourself using a reliable search engine. 

Jasper Chat generative ai tool

5. ZenoChat (by text.cortex)

Text.cortex’s AI product Zenochat is a versatile tool with which you can perform several tasks ranging from writing copy for social media and email campaigns to blog posts and more. Core features of Zenochat include web search, AI personas, and customizations, Knowledge Bases, and customizable templates. The knowledge base is a feature where you can upload documents to Zenochat so that it can access information from the same to create content. 

The free plan is 10 creations per month whereas the Pro plan and business plans are $24.99 and $74.99 monthly respectively.

ZenoChat (by text.cortex) generative ai tool

Although most people think that AI-generated content is error-free, it is worth mentioning that it also requires your attention. It may consist of grammar and punctuation errors that may affect the readability of content and make it difficult for the targeted audience to understand its meaning. Hence, you may also need to perform a grammar check to find grammar mistakes in AI-generated content and rectify them with ease. This practice will help you save the effort and time that will go into the manual proofreading process

b. Coding 

AI code assistants are AI-powered tools that are used to help developers write code and are created using machine learning algorithms. Such ML algorithms are trained on huge code repositories and can comprehend coding languages and identify errors. They can also help suggest improvements and write significant amounts of code. 

Large language models of late have led to leaps in the development of such code assistants, functioning as a coder by itself. Here are a few such examples:

6. Tabnine

This is one such AI code assistant that offers contextual suggestions in code that increase productivity by managing repetitive coding tasks. Using generative AI, Tabnine can suggest the upcoming code according to syntax and context. It can convert natural language to code along with that including whole-line and full-function code completions in the Integrated Development Environment.

The monthly subscription is $15 USD and annually it is $144 USD (per seat/user). 

Tabnine generative ai tool

7. CodeWhisperer

Amazon’s CodeWhisperer recognizes coding errors that developers can easily miss. Using AI, it evaluates your code and recognizes possible bugs that could lead to operational issues or security issues. It also offers solutions to coding errors and helps prevent such errors in future coding sprints.

CodeWhisperer supports many programming languages and can integrate with existing workflows. The professional plan is $19 per user, per month.

CodeWhisperer generative ai tool

8. GitHub CoPilot

GitHub collaborated with OpenAI to create Copilot that utilizes ML algorithms and Large Language Models to offer code suggestions as you work. It helps a developer code faster. 

Copilot does this by grasping the coding context and providing suggestions for lines of code or entire code blocks. The training for this tool was on massive public codebases enabling it to offer solutions for various programming languages and for several use cases. It can also create tests, turn comments into code along with writing new functions completely from scratch. The pricing is $10 monthly and $100 yearly. 

GitHub CoPilot generative ai tool

9. Snyk

Snyk Code is like a smart helper for computer code. It’s really good at finding and fixing problems in code that could make it less secure. One cool thing it does is look really closely at the code and can tell you not only what’s wrong with it now but also how changes you make later might make it less safe or slower. This helps you fix problems before they become big issues. Plus, it can work with the software tools that programmers use to make their code.

Snyk generative ai tool

10. OpenAI Codex

Open AI Codex refers to a programming model which you can use to perform any programming task or a general-purpose model. The Codex model powers GitHub Copilot and is fluent in several programming languages. So far the creators of OpenAI Codex have successfully used it to implement source-to-source compilation or transpilation. You can also use it for refactoring and explaining code.

OpenAI Codex generative ai tool

11. AskCodi

AskCodi as an AI code assistant offers several applications for code conversions,  code generation, documentation, and unit test creation. It is powered by OpenAI codex and is presently available to users as a plugin for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and JetBrains’ IDEs. AskCodi understands code or comments which are then run through OpenAI Codex for code suggestions depending on the application used. The free plan offers 50 credits/month and the premium is $9.99 per month.

AskCodi generative ai tool

12. Cogram

Cogram’s AI is used to take notes during virtual meetings and derive insights from the live transcriptions. You can integrate it with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet along with meetings conducted in person. Beneffits include automatic meeting summaries, action items, and detailed notes that are fit for human review. These transcriptions are done within seconds of the meeting’s end and insights from notes can be customized according to user need. You can also use the automatic scheduling features and follow-up emails to streamline note-taking and insights you can extract from the same. 

PDF Scanner

c. Social Media

13. Munch.ai

Munch is an AI-powered video editing tool that lets users extract snippets of relevant video content to showcase on social media platforms as shorter shareable clips. It uses GPT, NLP, and OCR to evaluate video clip content in relation to current trends in marketing and related platforms. It generates social posts instantly for content distribution for channels from YouTube Shorts, to LinkedIn to Instagram, TikTok, and more.

The pricing is granular with pro plan going at $20 for 200 minutes to the Ultimate plan of 2000 minutes at $220/month.

Munch.ai generative ai tool

14. Automata

Like Munch.ai, Automata is an excellent AI-powered tool for repurposing content across channels. Users can create repurposed content the instant it is published and there’s also parallel content creation along with a customized writing style for every channel. There is also a Knowledge Base option you can create and enrich to augment internet search data.

Automata generative ai tool

15. Postly

As the name suggests, Postly is an AI-powered social media management tool to create content with its AI writer. It can instantly generate copy for images, blogs, captions, and more. It uses superior analytics and comes with an approval workflow used to post content on social media. There are also features of recurring posts, bulk posting, and link shorteners to help with your social media campaign. The free plan offers 10 posts per month and the paid plans start at $15/month with unlimited posts. 

Postly generative ai tool

e. Other tools like ChatGPT 

16. Replika

Replika.ai is a unique AI-powered conversational platform that helps keep people company virtually and learn their life preferences. It can range from discussions on personal issues troubling a person to an individual’s taste in music and movies. It is like having a virtual friend when you need one. (Think “Her” movie starring Joaquin Phoenix). The pricing for this virtual companion starts at $7.99 monthly to $49.99 yearly (currently on discount from $69.99).

Replika generative ai tool

17. Character AI

Using LLMs Character.ai is also a conversational platform that keeps people entertained with information that is not always true or fictionalized. This is to keep people engaged and has a wide range of applications in terms of user engagement. Just ensure that you cross-check the answers to queries you ask your characters.

You can either use existing templates or use your own preferences to create your own character. Subscription for Character.ai starts at $9.99 per month.

Character AI generative ai tool

18. ELSE Speak

One of the more impactful ChatGPT alternatives is ELSA Speak where ELSA stands for English Language Speech Assistant. This is an engaging application that is built to help the user better their English pronunciation. The platform is created using voice data of real people speaking English with varying accents. This helps ELSA identify the way non-native speakers talk, giving it an edge over other voice-based tech. Its features include an AI coach to motivate users and focus along with real-time speech recognition feedback and an adaptive learning platform.

ELSA Speak plans start at $19.99 for 3 months and $98.99 for a lifetime subscription. 

ELSE Speak generative ai tool

19. Socratic

An educational application, Socratic.ai was created to help both teachers and students learn Science, literature, Math, social studies, and more. This application offers visual lessons to teach essential concepts in every subject. It uses text and speech recognition to bring up the most appropriate learning resources for the individual.

Subscription plans range from $10/month for the basic plan to $50 for a premium plan. 

Socratic generative ai tool


ChatGPT has carved out a path for other AI-based tools to tread. This is leading to innovation on a scale that is increasing on an exponential scale with AI tools for every application from content creation and scheduling to education and coding. You can use this list as a handy reference to see what AI tool meets your needs best. Good Hunting!

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