Updated on June 8, 2022

In this world of remote education, it is important that educators and students are engaged on a continuous basis in real-time.

However, it often becomes difficult for educators to respond at odd hours and thereby universities see a fall in student engagement ratings.

At Kommunicate, we had identified long back that the future of education will be more experiential and less classroom-oriented. However, when suddenly “Learn From Home” became the order of the day chatbots became a must-have.

A number of high-ranked universities started using Kommunicate to improve their teaching and onboarding experiences of both new and existing students. 

Let us understand, how can you create one chatbot and later customize it as per your use case

1. Humanize your chatbot

With students interacting with the chatbot on a regular basis, they will not like it if it really is a chatbot. Instead, focus on creating an education chatbot that has a unique name and can look like them. They will feel connected and comfortable asking relevant questions regularly.

The importance of having names like Iggy and Pounce was highlighted by a study by NY Times too. In this article they mentioned, how even students are offering their voices, look to make it look extremely real so that the interaction happens in a natural way.

2. How and where will the education chatbot Used

In our experience, working with some big universities across the world, we saw the following uses as the most common ones

Administrative Support Bot:

Focuses on College Admissions, Virtual Program/Campus Tours, Admission Enquiries, Fees and Financial Related Queries, Additional Services Support

Course Support Bot:

Every question about the syllabus, evaluation schemes, class schedule, teachers availability, and results

Personal Tutors:

This bot has the power to become a good guide and mentor to the students. The idea is to share answers to questions which the students are unable to answer. Here, a number of universities have heavily invested to create a robust knowledge base. 

Teachers Support:

Along with students one must also take care of the teachers or the support staff who are the backbone of the campus. Building a smart chatbot for teachers is also important. You can use the chatbot to help teachers know about the lessons or assignments. They can also be used to score tests, get feedback, track students’ attendance regularly. They can be a great support for teachers as they can easily automate a number of tasks that are of the least importance. 

Let us understand how one of the most reputed universities, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is using an education chatbot made by Kompose

3. Create one Chatbot and Test it

Once you have been able to define the need and you have created one, it is important that you publish it and test it extensively. You must identity the regularly asked questions and then create some standard answers. 

Here is a standard process with Kompose on creating a chatbot with ZERO Coding as it a GUI-based application.

In this bot builder, you can also work on enabling a human-bot handoff to ensure you are able to answer all questions. With the NLP enable expect the bot to learn from you and improve with time. 

With chatbots becoming a norm of the day, affordability of education can soon be solved. Time to create an ecosystem that is scalable and affordable like Spotify has made listening to music is here. Imagine a billion people or paying hardly $10-$20 dollars a month to get access to your world teachers and process of your university.

The world is also ready to enjoy the power to truly educate the world on any subject they might be curious about.

It is important that you start thinking of all the innovative ideas that empower your students, teachers, and other stakeholders. I am sure it will be mind-blowing!

🚀  Bonus: If you don’t want to create chatbot from scratch? Here’s a predesigned templates ready for you.

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