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DKSH, short for DiethelmKellerSiberHegner, was founded in 1865 in Zurich, Switzerland, with the vision to become the world’s leading provider of Market Expansion Services. Today, DKSH has more than 32,000 employees, with the majority of its workforce based out of the Asia Pacific, and has a revenue of $13.16 billion.

DKSH provides integrated services such as sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution, and after-sales services. Its operations are structured into four Business Units: Consumer Goods (including the Business Segment Luxury & Lifestyle), Healthcare, Performance Materials, and Technology.

While its services cater to most business needs, its core business is supporting other companies to grow their businesses in new or existing markets.

An infographic about DKSH. The DKSH logo is at the top. The company has a revenue of $13.16 billion and employs 32,000 people. It is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and its core market area is the Asia Pacific. DKSH operates in the Market Expansion Services industry. Its clients include Lindt & Sprüngli, Beiersdorf, Kraft Heinz, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Mars, and Pepsico. The background shows a blurred image of a group of people and a red balloon with the DKSH logo.
An overview of DKSH

The Problem of Losing Quality Leads and Low Lead Conversions

DKSH operates in 34 markets, each with its own local website. With more than 3,000 products under different categories, website visitors found it challenging to locate specific product information. Additionally, DKSH discovered that customers in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia preferred conversing with a chatbot to get instant replies, feeling more connected to a business when chatting directly with a company representative instead of sending emails.

An infographic about a partnership between DKSH and Kommunicate. The DKSH and Kommunicate logos are at the top. The use case involves capturing and nurturing high intent leads on six local websites. DKSH has been a customer of Kommunicate since 2018. The business unit using Kommunicate is Technology. The countries supported are Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, and Thailand. The background shows a blurred image of people in a warehouse or industrial setting.
Kommunicate has been helping DKSH since 2018 to capture and nurture high intent leads

The primary goal of DKSH’s marketing team was to capture and nurture as many leads as possible and pass them to the sales team. However, most website visitors wanted quotes for different products, which traditionally required sending emails to the sales team or calling the customer service phone line. This process consumed a lot of time due to back-and-forth communication, leading many prospects to abandon the idea of sending an email, ultimately causing DKSH to lose a significant number of prospective customers.

Solution: Implementing Kommunicate’s Chatbot

In 2018, DKSH signed up for Kommunicate’s chatbot with a basic subscription plan for their Malaysia website. The ease of setting up the chatbot and making it live allowed the DKSH team to handle the implementation themselves. They initially used the Kommunicate chatbot for collecting visitor information, resulting in a substantial increase in leads through the chatbot. The conversion rate for these leads was higher compared to other channels like email. The ROI from the chatbot significantly exceeded its cost.

An infographic featuring a testimonial from Armie Baizura Abu Bakar, Sales Operations Executive at DKSH. The testimonial reads: 'Customers feel more connected when their queries are instantly resolved. Since we installed Kommunicate, we have seen good leads come through, and the conversion rate is really good. The ROI exceeds the cost of the chatbot.' The DKSH logo is at the bottom. The background shows a blurred image of a person with blue hair in a professional setting.
DKSH states that the ROI from implementing the Kommunicate chatbot surpasses its cost.

Expansion and Enhanced Functionality

Encouraged by the success of their Malaysia website, DKSH decided to extend the chatbot service to their other websites in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Today, DKSH uses Kommunicate’s chatbot on six local websites. The chatbot’s functionality has evolved from a basic lead collection tool to a comprehensive information provider based on brands, products, and catalogs. One of the key features is the seamless transfer of visitor queries to live agents for instant resolutions, offering a reassuring level of customer support. Pre-leads collected through the chatbot are pushed to Salesforce for further nurturing.

Results and Analysis: High Lead Conversions

“Customers feel more connected when their queries are instantly resolved. Since we installed Kommunicate, we have seen good leads come through, and the conversion rate is really good. The ROI exceeds the cost of the chatbot,” said Armie Baizura Abu Bakar, Sales Operations Executive, DKSH.

Currently, the team at DKSH exports chat transcripts from all six chatbots placed on different websites. They analyze customer conversations to better understand user needs and optimize the chatbot conversation flow. This ongoing analysis helps DKSH continually improve customer engagement and satisfaction.


DKSH’s integration of Kommunicate’s chatbot has transformed their lead capture and customer service processes. By leveraging the chatbot’s capabilities, DKSH has enhanced its ability to engage with customers, capture leads efficiently, and provide timely and relevant information. The success of this integration underscores the importance of adopting innovative solutions to meet evolving customer preferences and business needs.

Key Takeaways

Ease of Implementation: DKSH quickly set up and deployed the chatbot on their Malaysia website, leading to immediate benefits.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Customers prefer the instant response and direct interaction provided by the chatbot, leading to higher conversion rates.

Cost-Effective Solution: The ROI from the chatbot exceeded its cost, justifying the investment and encouraging further expansion.

Comprehensive Support: The seamless transfer to live agents and integration with Salesforce for lead nurturing ensured comprehensive customer support.

Continuous Improvement: Ongoing analysis of chat transcripts allows DKSH to optimize the chatbot’s performance and better meet customer needs.

DKSH’s success with Kommunicate’s chatbot demonstrates the value of integrating AI-driven solutions to enhance business operations and customer engagement in a competitive market.

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