Updated on May 10, 2024

Here are our major product updates from May 2024:

i) Feature releases:

  1. Weekly report changes: 

For new signups, users can now rate Kompose out of 5. If existing customers are looking to move to a 5-star system, talk to our Customer Success team using this calendly link.

  1. Gen AI sources:

GenAI sources are now ready. Customers can now see the source of the webpage from where GenAI is answering the questions.

Source URL

Gen AI sources

3. Upload Excel files and chat with them:

    Yup, you can now upload an Excel file to our chatbot, just like a PDF or a URL, and then ask it questions. The chatbot will fetch the answers from the Excel sheet. Imagine the hours of productivity it will save for your teams!!

    Chat with Excel

    Chat with an Excel sheet


    • Open AI support for Zendesk FAQ. The groundwork was done to get answers from the Zendesk knowledge base. The feature will be released next week.

    Bug Fixes:

    • TRIGGER_FALLBACK displayed on the Chat widget if fallback is not set
    • Fixed UI issue after changing language – II
    • Rerouting and team assignment failing when skipRouting is passed
    • On using Send BUlk Message Option the user is not creating in elastic search
    • File upload issue (document scanner)
    • Fixed all UI issues after changing the language to Spanish or French
    • Add sub Url upload Limit in Website Scrapper at Bot-level
    • Messages are out of order when the team away message setting is enabled

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