The conversation rate is the most important metric for any e-commerce business. But increasing the e-commerce conversion rate is more challenging as the world is driven 24/7 where people anticipate the instant availability of help & information on demand. The demand is especially from brand-focused establishments that sell to customers.

To cope with this demand every time, the employment of chatbots is widely witnessed these days. Chatbots helps customers to explore brands & services and find information, etc. Chatbots marketing also enhances the e-commerce conversion rate. Usually, website visitors search in the search bar of a website for seeking information about their preferred products and services.

A chatbot is something that eradicates the need for these steps & offers an instant answer. Chatbots help in saving time that results in more conversions quickly.

Let us learn how a chatbot can help in improving conversion rates.

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Solutions for enhancing e-commerce conversion rate

When you struggle with unsatisfactory lead generation & you really are concerned about your numbers, the foremost thing you need to do is engaging more customers. Chatbots make virtual shopping a lot more similar to traditional shopping from a physical store.

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Easy to utilize

In the context of chatbots software, not only you can utilize it easily but it is very intuitive as well. Fabricating a chatbot is not challenging. Chatbot interfaces are global that include live chatting, instant messaging, etc. There are chatbots for Facebook Messenger even. While setting up such software, you must provide button responses to visitors so that they do not need to take the pain of typing answers.

Collection of leads through friendly conversations

Just because your visitors are visiting your website, again and again, do not believe the notion that you can easily get a hands-on elevated conversion rate. There will be times when website traffic will indicate massive entry numbers but it will also not bring too many benefits.

Even when you try to hook visitors on your landing page with the use of lead generation forms, chances are very less of them actually using it. These forms are put forward for getting email addresses and names of visitors in exchange for newsletters & discounts.

This mainly happens because opt-in forms are stuffed with numerous options & a lengthy sign-up process. We very well know that people neither are inclined towards such endeavors nor they have adequate time for doing so.

Chatbot development is one such procedure that collects leads in engaging methods in comparison to the basic static forms. The filling forms put forward by chatbots are more conversation-like. Here, visitors witness short messages with limited texts.

Chatbots function 24/7 which means the software can collect leads both during day & night time. By this method, your consumer service can connect with them on the next day & discuss their query.

The shopping experience is customized – You might have the notion that having a wide range of products on your website is all you need to take your business to the next level. But this can be daunting for your customers as they might be unable to find the exact products they are looking for. Chatbots can bridge the gap as this software asks questions to the consumers about their requisites. Depending on this information, the segmentation follows.

By this, it is understandable that chatbots for marketing are very beneficial as, after segmentation, consumers will only be displayed with particular packages and products from within chat UI.

Finding users

Following some tips is very important when you are employing chatbots for business growth. You need to be in the space where most of your users will be. When trying to get to more and more people, you must be where they exactly are.

First comes, the website especially when you are pouring paid traffic to the website. By this, you can enhance the cost per conversion. Chatbots technology is very unique as these can be positioned at several networks & platforms. Eradicating resistance to your business is the main objective of optimizing conversion rates. You can achieve this goal with chatbot interaction on numerous social platforms such as Slack, Facebook, Kik, etc.

Learning about chatbots benefits becomes easier with real examples. The companies using chatbots are Dominos Pizza, Sephora, 1-800-Flowers, etc. These chatbots answer questions, assist customers for making purchases, booking reservations, etc.

Chatbot greetings

Have you ever felt very annoyed when a salesperson has acted over-friendly while welcoming you into their particular store? If you have, you definitely do not want your customers to feel the same, right? In such instances, you must use chatbots. With chatbots services, your customers will never witness pushy greetings. The software will only inform them about its availability for any kind of help but it will never be intrusive. If customers are offered an alternative to chat or not to chat, chances are that it will convert six times more.

Our chatbot Eve has helped us to increase the engagement rate from 30% to 90% through welcome messages.

Also, closing the sales from within the interface of a chatbot will always not be possible. Many times visitors will require some more information or just a push in the correct direction. As you set the welcome messages, chatbots can easily figure out what the visitor exactly requires & proactively offers it to them. Conversion rates can actually boost by 36% with such strategies.

Another important thing to determine is the correct popup chat window timing. Usually, the chatbot icon can be discovered in the lower-right spot of any webpage & visitors are familiar with it. Closing the popup window for the visitor must not be a hassle and also the chatbot icon must remain visible.

Chatbot personalization is another very important tip. While advancing with chatbot development, greeting customization is possible depending on referring websites. Customers must be able to see creativity in the primary greeting like “Welcome Traveler” in case you run a travel website. Also, your chatbot must also be offered a name as then people can relate more with it. The user must know that it is a chatbot they are chatting with & not live chat.


Chatbots prove to be very compatible with effective remarketing campaigns. Remarketing campaigns ring a bell to users who have added products in the cart but for some reason left the website without buying by displaying the products at the side or bottom of website pages. Chatbots can also pop up on social networks & showcase the same products that other individuals have purchased.

To understand how helpful Chatbots marketing is, let us look at this example.

The Facebook Messenger Shopbot of eBay assists people in discovering exactly what they are seeking, gains insight from previous conversations & memorizes what the particular user had purchased.

Customer support

Established brands & the ones that are still growing find it very challenging to maintain and offer an elevated customer service level. To discover, appoint & train reps, is not at all an easy task. Simultaneously, the better ones are quite expensive. This is the time when chatbots for e-commerce prove to be useful. Not only can such software answer all questions of customers directly but these can send them to the correct resources as well. Automatically the existing customers feel satisfied with such positive experiences.

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The company named Amtrak used its chatbot called Julie to answer almost 5 million inquiries in a year, enhance bookings by an amount of 30% and save $1,000,000. Bookings via the chatbot generated more 30% revenue.

Chatbots offer special offers to returning customers

Studies have displayed that 92% of customers will land up on the brand’s website for the very first time for purposes that have nothing to do with buying products.

45% of People who visit your website for the first time will simply look around & 25% of them will compare the prices with other competitors. 10% of individuals will seek store details. After these individuals are clear in their minds regarding such information, only then they can return to your store but it will completely be their choice.

The question to ask is – Will they really revisit the store? Here you have a chance of enhancing your chatbot e-commerce conversion rate. As a visitor puts in a product in the cart but chooses to abandon it, right at that moment the chatbot will send an automated message that will ask the visitor about any help he/she requires.

If the visitor agrees, then you have a golden opportunity of proving her coupon codes and discounts and re-encourage the particular purchase at a price that is promotional.

Wrapping it up

Conversion rate is extremely crucial for any business that wishes to constantly attain paying customers & earning more sales. Organizing chatbots correctly to websites is very important. Only after that, Chatbots marketing can help your brand to produce qualified leads, move customers via the sales pipeline & maintain a stable flow of potential clients.

There is no need to engage in hide & seek to understand which technique is more appropriate for your business. This is because conversational chatbots will always amalgamate all of these features.

Your brand might have one chatbot but several possibilities.

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