In the month of September, we have added some cool features and updated the existing ones to improve your overall experience with Kommunicate.

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Web App

Domain Restriction

To improve the security, we have added URL based domain restriction, where you can allow the installation script to work only on the allowed list of domains you have added.

To allow domains:

Entities in Kompose

Entities are used for identifying and extracting useful data from user inputs. Now, your Kompose bots support to extract your users entities like email, phone number.

To add the entities:

  • Go to Dashboard >> Bot Integration >> Kompose >> Select the bot >> Answer >> Extract Entities

”Not yet started” count in Analytics

We have added an entry to count the conversations that are “Not yet started“ in the dashboard, which means the conversations where the user has opened the chat widget but is yet to type a message.

  • Go to Dashboard >> Click ‘Dashboard’ section >> Under ‘Teammates’ section

Welcome Screen on Facebook option

Now we have included the ‘Get Started’ button option on Facebook Messenger integration in the dashboard. Facebook messenger welcome screen shows a ‘Get Started’ button if this option is enabled.

If your visitor taps on the ‘Get Started’ button, the message ‘Get Started’ will be posted into the conversation, and your chatbot is then granted permission to send messages.

Example – ‘Get Started’ button on Facebook Messenger

Help and Resources

We have added an option ‘Help and Resources’ on our dashboard which shows all the guides, tutorials, technical documentation, product updates, etc. for using our product easier.

  • Go to Dashboard >> At the left sidebar – Click ‘Help and Resources’ option

Onboarding UI improvements

We improved the onboarding page UI and the process to educate the new users about the functions, the steps, and the common actions that need to be followed for a smooth, easy installation and integration of our product.

Other Updates:

  • Improved the first response time calculation, now the first response time is calculated after the time it takes an agent to reply once the bot handover the conversation to them
  • We have done some improvements on the dashboard load time


  • Fixed a small bug related to saving FAQs from the dashboard
  • A small improvement in the behavior of the help center test URL

Mobile SDKs


We’ve released a new version of the Kommunicate iOS SDK 5.7.0:

  • Now, you can enable/disable CSAT from the Dashboard, and it will reflect in your App.
  • Support for sharing photos saved on iCloud.
  • Fixed an issue where file download/upload was not working when custom service is enabled.

Android SDK

We’ve released a new version of Kommunicate Android SDK 2.1.0:

  • All the secret keys are not now stored in a secured storage.
  • Removed user password and other keys, and we’ve replaced them with a JWT token.
  • Fixed an issue where the conversation creation and loading were taking a lot of time over some networks.

Updates in Android Agent app:

  • Moved secret keys to secure storage from shared preferences
  • Fixed security issue with API calls.
  • Fixed an issue where the conversation list was changing after the search screen was closed.

Coming Soon

Along with the Team/Department feature, the queue feature is also coming where your users/customers will be added to the waiting queue if all the agents are offline.

That’s all for now folks. Watch out this space for more updates.

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