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WhatsApp is a messaging constant for over two billion people today. It’s quick, convenient, and well-multifaceted since it’s no longer limited to personal use. WhatsApp Business has only made things better and amazingly beneficial for about 50 million businesses globally. Launched in 2018, the platform has evolved and introduced several excellent features that make customer interaction a breeze for companies. 

Let’s spot our top 10 WhatsApp Business features that will amp up your customer interaction on a larger and more powerful scale.

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What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp offers WhatsApp Business as a platform for business communications. It offers various features of the standard WhatsApp app and has an array of functions catering to business purposes.

The WhatsApp Business app is available on the App Store or Google Play. Besides, it is free to download. Businesses can conveniently enjoy the features and services offered by WhatsApp Business for free. You’ll have to pay for ads if you opt for marketing messages.

From personalizing your conversations to displaying your products, there’s a lot you can do with WhatsApp Business. And when the WhatsApp chatbot enters the equation, WhatsApp Business becomes the most robust tool to fulfill your tasks. Just like that, we’re going to discuss the top 10 WhatsApp Business features that make business life easier than ever.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for business interactions. With a slew of incredible features and options, it has made communicating with customers remarkably easy. Here are a few good reasons why using a WhatsApp Business account is beneficial for you:

  • 24/7 support: The automated messaging function on WhatsApp Business ensures you’re in touch with your customers even when you are away.
  • Saves Time: The app encourages efficiency in client interaction by offering features like quick replies.
  • Integrations that count: It allows you to use Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing (thanks, Meta).
  • A Chatbot on Duty: With Whatsapp Business chatbot, ensure your customers don’t miss out on anything while you’re inactive. On top of that, a WhatsApp chatbot can help you attract more leads and manage them effectively on one platform.
  • Convenience: What’s better than using WhatsApp to interact with your customers? It’s the most feasible channel for you and millions of your customers (and potential customers).

10 WhatsApp Business Features That Can Make Your Business Speak for Itself

1. Quick Replies

Quick replies have to be one of the prominent features of WhatsApp Business. As the name suggests, this feature enables fast messages to respond to general queries. The quick reply option allows you to save and use messages you frequently need in order to interact with your customers.

This feature makes it pretty smooth to answer the most common questions without taking a minute. All you need to do is hit “/” on your keyboard, choose a suitable reply, and send it.

2. Setting Away Messages

WhatsApp Business allows you to set away messages to send to your contacts. These are custom messages you send to people who are trying to contact your company after official working hours. You can simply compose a message indicating that you’re away. Alternatively, you can simply send a message sharing the working hours.

Here is how to set up an away message:

Navigate to your WhatsApp Business app. Launch Settings. Go to Business settings. Tap on the “Away message” option. Activate an away message.

You can set up a time slot for when you’d like people to receive your away message. You can also choose from the options like “Custom schedule,” “Always send,” or “After work hours.” Moreover, you can edit your away message from the settings.

3. Label Contacts

Contact labeling is yet another feature of WhatsApp Business that makes things orderly for businesses. It allows companies to organize their contacts and label them to put them in different categories. It makes accessing the required details easy and quick.

Here is how to add a label to a new contact:

  • Click on the menu button on your customer’s chat page. Choose a label. Save the changes you make.

If you’d like to add a new label, here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on the menu button on your client’s chat page. Hit the “New label” option. Click “Save.”

4. Interactive Business Messages

These messages give you the freedom to have a quick interaction with your clients. You can add certain buttons to your messages that solve a specific purpose.

In WhatsApp Business, you will find two types of interactive messages: Quick Reply and CTA. While quick replies are predefined messages that respond to general queries, a CTA button redirects users to a call or a particular webpage.

The interactive button is an amazing feature that boosts the user experience. Don’t forget, this option is the paid one. If you want to use these buttons, you must pay for every message.

5. Business Profile

A business profile establishes your brand’s identity and makes it more presentable before your customers. You can set up a business profile by furnishing useful information that tells your customers something about your business. Your profile may include information like a business description, office address, email address, and website.

Here is how to create a WhatsApp business profile:

  • Expand Settings. 
  • Tap on “Business Settings.” 
  • Open Profile. 
  • Enter your details in the given fields.

This incredible feature is a big YES for composing an approachable and reliable platform for communication with customers. Moreover, you need this feature, especially when you want to have a verified badge shining next to your brand name. WhatsApp requires the profile data to validate a business account.

6. List Messages and Reply Buttons

List messages and reply buttons serve the purpose of interactive messages. You can add up to 10 options using the new list message. It will allow people to click on the option they like easily, and they won’t have to do it manually.

The Reply buttons allow customers to simply choose from a set of three options by tapping on the desired option. These messages provide a convenient way for users to choose their reply when interacting with your business.

7. Catalogs

“Catalogs” is another beneficial feature for your business. This one allows you to display your products for customers to skim and find which one they would like to buy.

Using the catalog option, you can seamlessly group your collection on your WhatsApp business page. It eliminates the need to share each item’s price separately, a time-saving benefit.

You can add details like a description, price, etc., for each item in your catalog. This option only increases your customers’ ease of navigation through your offerings. They won’t have to message you asking about each item one by one.

Last year, WhatsApp introduced a new option named Collections under the Catalogs feature. Collections refer to the folders that represent grouped items on your business account.

This incredible option enables users to land on the category they are looking for without traveling from product to product. You can add more to the collection when your company launches a new product or remove the ones you don’t sell anymore.

These simple steps will help you create a catalog or collection on your WhatsApp Business account:

  • Go to your WhatsApp Business app. 
  • Click on the more options icon at the top right corner. 
  • Now, move to Settings. 
  • Expand business tools. 
  • Tap Catalog. 
  • Click the “Add new item” option to create a new catalog. 
  • Then click on the plus icon to add relevant images. 
  • Click on “Gallery” and choose photos. (You can click on the camera to take and upload photos). 
  • Add a name to the photos. 
  • You can also fill in details, including price, description, and product code. 
  • Click the “Save” button.

Now users can go through your products and place an order on WhatsApp for the product they would like to buy. Moreover, they can check out payment options and even track the order.

8. Message Statistics

The message statistics feature in WhatsApp Business allows entrepreneurs to look into crucial metrics regarding customer interaction. It covers parameters like the number of messages sent or read. For instance, if you want to gain knowledge on the number of messages that were read, you can use this feature to check out the answer. This feature simply allows you to check up on the performance of your messages.

Here’s how to check message stats on WhatsApp Business:

  • Click the Menu button.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Expand Business Settings.
  • Head to Statistics.

This feature can play a significant role in helping you make more informed decisions on the basis of the insights offered by these statistics.

9. WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is designed to help businesses reach out to their customers globally. It is a secure and fast way to communicate with customers worldwide. It allows sales teams to exchange messages with the customers and manage interactions within WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API is not just a feature like the other titles mentioned above. It is a whole different concept that is defined beyond a function. Devised on the same infrastructure as a standard messenger, this platform is an excellent channel to use when you have to manage large volumes of messages.

10. WhatsApp Payments

This has to be the greatest feature offered by WhatsApp Business. Why? Perhaps because the messaging giant has had a tough road integrating payment solutions owing to the standards of government legislation.

WhatsApp Pay is processed by Cielo and is powered by Facebook Pay. It is accessible on regular WhatsApp standard and business apps. Not to mention, it is only available to users in India and Brazil.


So this was pretty much it about WhatsApp Business features and why they are advantageous for your business. This popular tool can surely help you establish a consistent interaction with your customers, no matter where you are. At the end of the day, you need ingeniously fueled customer service and user experience, and these features have your back on that.

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