How to do a Succesful Product Launch

A successful product launch is no longer just about choosing the right date and time, and hoping that everything works out for the best. To ensure long lasting success of your product, there needs to be a well documented strategy which is to be backed up with solid action.

A successful Product launch requires a lot of levers to be pulled at the right time, each of which more critical than the next. All successful product launches begin with the ideation phase, where the core idea is refined.

The product then goes through design, development, testing and then the actual launch. During each of these phases, there are various iterations and the final product may not look remotely similar to the one that was agreed upon in the beginning.

Preparing for the launch involves Market Research, Target Audience Analysis, and defining the Unique Selling Point (USP). You then need to formulate a launch strategy, and build anticipation for the launch through PR and media outreach.

In this whitepaper, we give you this exact framework on how to launch a successful product, along with examples from well known brands like Nike who have mastered the art of product launch. Follow these steps, and watch your product soar to new heights.

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How To Do New Product Launch Successfully | Kommunicate Whitepaper