kommunicate product updates april 2018

Great companies are built on great products.

Elon Musk, the messiah of entrepreneurship, quoted this a few years back. And this has been our motto with all our products. On our quest to provide a world-class customer solution to you, we have released quite a few major features in April.

In this post, I am going to list down major feature releases of this month.

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We have made it easy for your users to find FAQs right into the chat. You can add FAQs from Dashboard →FAQs. Now on, your users don’t need to browse a number of pages to find answers to their queries. Isn’t that convenient?

Kommunicate FAQ

Presenting Liz — your know-it-all FAQ bot

We have released a brand new bot for our product, Liz. Liz provides your customers with answers to their queries by fetching FAQs. And if Liz is thrown a question which is not configured in your FAQs, she can direct the conversation to an agent. Talk about an awesome combo of man and machines.

Kommunicate FAQ Bot LIZ

Helpdocs Integration

You can import your whole knowledge base and FAQ data in a matter of minutes by integrating Helpdocs. Also, our peers at Helpdocs are giving away 20% off on plans if you signup using the coupon KOMMUNICATE318. That’s a steal deal!

helpdocs integration with kommunicate

Clearbit Integration

You can now get all the required information of your customers and visitors by using Clearbit’s contact enrichment integration. Head over to Dashboard → Integrations to integrate Clearbit with Kommunicate.

clearbit integration with kommunicate

Show all conversations to all agents

We have made it super easy for your team members to track all conversations. You can check all conversation under Dashboard → Conversations → All Conversations.

Conversation Routing for Bots

Last month, we released conversation routing rules for your agents. In this release, we have provided routing rules for bots. Decide which bot to assign to conversations by using conversation routing for bots. You can find it under Dashboard → Settings → Conversation Routing.

This is not it. We have made a lot of UI changes to make it an awesome experience for your support team and customers alike. Stay tuned for more, awesome things are coming to Kommunicate.

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