What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, August 2018

For previous versions of Release Notes, head here.   Your preferred customer support platform just keeps getting better. In this version of release notes, we bring you lots of awesome feature releases, performance and speed improvements, and fixes. Editable Quick Replies We have made Quick Replies editable. While using any Quick Reply in the conversation […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, July 2018

At Kommunicate, we’re giving the world a better class of customer support software, one release at a time. This July, we released some awesome new features with perpetual design, speed, and usability improvements. What’s New Agile CRM integration Now you can integrate Agile CRM with Kommunicate to manage your customer relationship even more effectively. Also, […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, June 2018

A lot of people have fancy things to say about customer support, but it’s just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, persevering, compassionate kind of activity. – Christopher McCormick, Former CEO, L.L. Bean Christopher McCormick said that out loud – customer support is an important and grueling task at the same time. And we have you […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, May 2018

After a lot of weary release nights and consistent brainstorming, we have dispatched the latest release version of Kommunicate, consisting of some awesome new features and savvy improvements. Read on to know more about Kommunicate’s release notes for the month of May.   Improved Dashboard and Reporting We have made a few noteworthy improvements in our […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate — Release Notes, April 2018

Great companies are built on great products. Elon Musk, the messiah of entrepreneurship, quoted this a few years back. And this has been our motto with all our products. On our quest to provide a world-class customer solution to you, we have released quite a few major features in April. In this post, I am going […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate — Release Notes — March, 2018

While most of the people were hustling through their books to end the FY18 on a good note, our tech team was burning the midnight oil to bring some awe-worthy features to you. In this post, I am listing down major feature releases for March 2018. Kommunicate, in addition to these features, will help you improve […]

What’s Cooking At Kommunicate — Release Notes, February 2018

And the shortest month of the year just passed in a wisp. Yet, we have a lot to tell you about how much we have progressed with Kommunicate. In the quest for providing a world-beating customer support software, we have released some awesome features in the month of February. I am listing down a few […]

What’s cooking at Kommunicate — Release Notes, January 2018

The Roots — Why are we building Kommunicate? The way customer conversations and support is done has been broken, redundant, and time and cost inefficient. Seldom treated as one of the top reasons for customer churn, bad customer support can put you in the backseat in terms of customer trust, growth and efficiency, revenue. Being […]

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