Last Updated on August 4, 2023

If you work at a bank or at a hospital, we have some news that will surely excite you. Our engineers have worked hard to bring you a feature-addition that has been asked by a lot of folks. So, here it goes.

 Banking and Healthcare chatbot templates : 

We have added banking and healthcare chatbot templates to our “Bot integrations > Ready made Templates.” This will make users of the banking or healthcare industry to easily get up and running with their chatbots.

  • Now, you can test your multilingual Bot in selected language on Test Bot link
  • Kompose Import and Export now supports  import and export of Entities.

Bugs fixes:

  • We have fixed the non visibility of Flow Designer Tab for new sign ups.
  • Fixed the dependency issue in installing Kommunicate on React JS 18+ Versions.
  • We have fixed the issue where uploaded file name showing twice on the Dashboard
  • Fixed the Dashboard typing area freezing issue.


  • Improvements in speech to text and text to voice.
  • Multilingual UI improvements
    • Added SVG for Intent which are in draft and it disappears after saving the Intent
  • Flow Designer Improvements:
  • Now, we have made complete Node clickable, you can click anywhere on the node and Modal will open for that node.
  • We have updated the Settings Button same as Manage page
  • We have reduced the width of the scrollbar
  • Added a warning to add the training phrases if trying to save user Message without adding training phrases.

We have made the sidebar collapsible

  • Other miscellaneous improvements

Pricing related updation for WhatsApp integrations

  • WhatsApp via Meta Cloud API
  • WhatsApp via 360dialog

Now, we are showing the plan name for which you have to upgrade for getting that feature

Mobile updates:

iOS Releases


  • Added Support for delete conversation for End User. With this end user can delete conversation at their side.
  • Fixed Form text area data not added with message for postFormDataAsMessage issue
  • Fixed submitted form data double stringified issue for webhooks
  • Added Support for Rating , experince label in navigation bar on conversation screen. PR :
  • Added Support for Static Top Message.You can enable this by using below code PR:
  • KMConversationScreenConfiguration.staticTopMessage = “<Your Message>”
  • KMConversationScreenConfiguration.staticTopIcon = “<pass your UIImage>”

2. 6.8.9

  • We have added restriction for start plan users
  • Added support for custom toolbar subtitle
  • Added support to add top first message
  • Changed Recycler view layout to top to bottom

Android Releases

SDK 2.6.9

  • Changed Message View layout to Top to Bottom
  • Support for custom toolbar subtitle – using KmConversationInfoSetting class
  • Add support to add top static first message

2. 2.7.0

  • Fixed for rating asked everytime in a resolved conversation
  • Support for custom toolbar subtitle
  • Added support to add top first message
  • Changed recycler view layout to Top to bottom

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