In the month of April, we have added some cool features in the Dashboard and Kompose Bot Builder. Also updated the existing ones to improve your overall experience with Kommunicate.


Delete tags

We’ve added an option to delete the tags that you & your team created.

You won’t be able to delete system-generated tags such as Reopen, Do-not-auto-resolve, etc.

Waiting queue

Earlier the conversations that are in the waiting queue will be shown as unassigned in dashboard conversations and assigned to the default agent.

Now the waiting queue conversations will be pushed to the common waiting queue with a handover message.

Waiting queue Stats

A new waiting queue stats section is added to the dashboard. It will show the agent queue scoreboard & the queued conversations.


Ready-made templates

We have added ready-made templates for Customer Support, Book a Meeting, eCommerce, Lead Collection, Insurance, Restaurants to create a Kompose Bot. You can also edit and modify the templates according to your requirements as well.

  • Go to Dashboard >> Bot Integration >> Create a bot with Kompose


Download Report: Teammate Analytics

You can download the report for the Teammate Analytics table in the CSV format. The report will include information about Incoming, Resolved, Open, First Response Pending Chats and the First Response Time, Average Resolution Time.

Other Updates:

  • Webp image extension support is now added in the chat widget custom launcher icon.

# Go to Dashboard >> ⚙️ Settings >> CHAT WIDGET >> Customization >> Launcher Icon

  • Delete option is added to empty Kompose answers/welcome message to improve the user experience.
  • Now the Indian customers have an option to pay in INR now.


  • Fixed a bug with bot routing, the chats were getting directly assigned to teammates, even though the waiting queue feature was enabled
  • Resolved an issue if hidePostCTA is enabled, it should not hide cards not having CTA buttons
  • Fixed the Analytics API issue, where it was not giving the right results upon changing time zone
  • Fixed the pre-chat lead collection empty value bug

Android SDK

We’ve released a new version of Kommunicate Android SDK(2.1.6):

  • Now, we’ll show/hide away message on agent change.
  • Added support for autosuggestion type rich message.
  • Added support for updating conversation assignee and Metadata from ‘KmConversationBuilder’.
  • Messages will be synced on conversation screen launch. Push notification is not a mandatory step now.
  • Some crash fixes and optimizations.
  • Moved Kommunicate dependency to JFrog. From this version onwards, add the below repository URL to your project level ‘build.gradle’ file inside repositories:

maven {

         url ‘’


Updates in iOS Agent app:

  • Now, a conversation can be assigned to a team.
  • Fixed stability and performance issues.

Updates in Android Agent app:

  • Added support for creating and updating tags.
  • Added support for assigning conversations to teams.
  • Crash fixes and optimizations.

Kommunicate is a modern customer messaging suite to add live chat and chatbot to your websites and social media pages. You can signup for free here and start delighting your customers right away.


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