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A chatbot can be more than just a fancy add-on to your website. Yes, it can help you qualify leads and also yes, it can help you provide round the clock customer support. But what if we told you there was a lot more? Like a chatbot, that, for instance, speaks to you like a friend. Or a chatbot that teaches you English.

We are talking about intelligent, AI powered chatbots that will help you do all this and much more, in a list of these top 8 chatbots applications for Android and iOS.

1. Andy English Bot:

Kicking off things on our list is Andy, the English Bot, an AI powered chatbot that helps you learn the English language in a casual, conversational way. Learning a new language can be daunting, especially if you are sitting in another country and have no access to English schools or teachers, but this is where technology comes to the rescue.

With Andy, you can learn new phrases, words and even pronunciation, as the chatbot guides you through the various nuances of the English language. The chatbot will correct your sentences as and when you type it, so it’s a great tool to learn the language in real-time.

App Store Rating : 4.6 ***   (12K reviews)

Google Play Store rating: 4.7 ***  ( 157K reviews)

The app is free for both Android and iOS and offers in-app purchases for premium features.

2. Lark

Health is an area that all of us are deeply concerned about, since, let’s face it, none of us wants to be bed-ridden or worse, just because we didn’t pay enough attention. Lark chatbot helps you become healthier, by collecting data from all your smart devices, and then integrating it with a system of your choice.

The chatbot helps you sleep better by keeping track of your sleep cycles. The chatbot gives Activity coaching by collecting data from your Apple SmartWatch or Fitbit. Weight loss on your mind? The chatbot is your friend in this aspect too, with personalized guidance thanks to the advanced AI powering the bot. 

The chatbot project began in 2011, and today, there are over 100K+ downloads of the app.

App Store Rating: 4.4 ***

Google Play Store Rating rating: 3.6 ***

3. Replika

Continuing our list of the best chatbot apps for Android and iOS in 2022, we could not help but include Replika right here at the top of the list. Replika is a companion chatbot that is super smart, trainable, and is available 24/7 to speak about practically anything under the sun.

A strong conversational AI engine sits behind Replika’s beautiful interface that can understand your moods and feelings and respond accordingly. The bot “learns” through every interaction you have with it. With all the discussions you have with the bot, you may learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before.

You can customize the look of your Replika, write stories with it, along with a host of other customizable features. With a user base of more than 10 million, sending out 100 million messages each week, the chatbot app is growing from strength to strength. The app also supports voice and the users can even speak to it in Augmented reality.

App Store Rating: 4.6 ***

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5 ***

4. SimSimi

We have had chatbot apps that connect with us on a deeper level like Replika, and then there are chatbots like SimSimi that are just adorable to use. The bot is available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms. SimSimi is based on an open-domain/ emotional conversational engine that makes it more of “AI as a friend” rather than “AI as an assistant.”

The web version of the app only allows you to have a limited number of conversations.  Once you install the Android or iOS version of this app, you are in for a fun ride. There is a “Bad words filter” that pops up right before you run the app that tells you if your bot will use a lesser number of swear words during the conversation.

The chatbot understands 81 different languages, and the project has been in existence since 2002. With close to 400 million cumulative users worldwide, SimSimi is surely a chatbot that is smart, fun, and a companion that you can hang out with. And the 100 million + downloads on the Android app store are proof of that.

App Store rating: 4.0 ***

Google Play Store Rating: 3.9 ***

5. Socratic

In this list, we have had chatbot apps that act as companions to you when you are feeling down, chatbot apps that help you learn a new language, and even chatbot apps that help you lose weight (remember Lark?). But before we were all adults, we went to high school. Think basketball games, trading soccer cards, and of course, homework! If only there was a chatbot that could help you with your homework, no? Well, the guys at Socratic took this problem statement and said – wish granted!!

All the students have to do is take pictures of their questions using their phone camera. Socrates then uses its advanced AI capabilities to provide visual explanations and answers to these questions. Socratic can help students with Math, Science, Literature, Social studies, among other subjects. The app was acquired by Google, and is today powered by Google’s advanced AI engine.

The app has been highly successful since its launch, and has over 10 million downloads currently on the Google Play Store.

App Store Rating: 4.9 ***

Google Play Store Rating: 4.6 ***

6. Journey

When we started writing out this list, we wanted to see how close AI has come to imitating the human companion from the movie “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix. After reviewing Journey, all we can say is that – “Yup, we are getting pretty damn close.” Journey calls itself a “dream virtual AI companion.” With the help of AI, Journey tries to connect with its users on an emotional level.

Every companion on Journey you create has a unique personality, based on the gender and name that you give to the bot. Journey will create virtual experiences that will resonate with you on a deeper level, making it one of the most sophisticated chatbots on this list.

You can send voice messages and even images to Journey, and expect profound responses in return. The app, previously called iFriend, helps you chat with your virtual best friend anonymously, sharing your dreams, thoughts and feelings. And the 500K + downloads on the Google Play Store are just a testimonial to its success.

App Store Rating: 4.4 ***

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3 ***

7. Florence

Okay fine, we already have a chatbot app that deals with healthcare on this list (seriously people, remember Lark?). But Florence as a chatbot app is slightly different because of the category of users that it caters to. So who does this chatbot app cater to? Well, Florence is for anyone who forgets to take their medicines on time, which, let’s admit it, is all of us at one point of time or another.

Florence reminds its users to take their medications, like the ones for their periods or their birth control pills. Florence also displays medicine specific information so that you know what exactly you are getting yourself into.

Florence even tells you what you should do in case you miss taking a prescribed pill. But care should be taken that Florence should not be used in case of a medical emergency.

App Rating: Not available.

8. Wysa

Mental health is important, especially post the pandemic when more and more people are spending time alone, isolated, often just having a chatbot for company. This is where Wysa comes in. Wysa is a psychologist chatbot that uses evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT) to connect with its users.

Users of this chatbot app claim to have shown a 40% improvement in helping get over symptoms of depression, as compared to people who are infrequent users of the app. The app was awarded the best app on the Google Play Store in 2020. Currently, users in more than 30 countries across the globe use Wysa.

App store Rating: 4.9 ***

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5 ***

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