What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, May 2018

After a lot of weary release nights and consistent brainstorming, we have dispatched the latest release version of Kommunicate, consisting of some awesome new features and savvy improvements. Read on to know more about Kommunicate’s release notes for the month of May.   Improved Dashboard and Reporting We have made a few noteworthy improvements in our […]

Integrate Dialogflow (Api.ai) Bot into Website

We have talked a lot about chatbots for customer support in our previous pieces. And a scalable, efficient and cost-effective human+bot hybrid system has always been our philosophy. In past few months, we have released a lot of helpful bots to help you accelerate your customer support efforts. In this piece, I am going to […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate — Release Notes, April 2018

Great companies are built on great products. Elon Musk, the messiah of entrepreneurship, quoted this a few years back. And this has been our motto with all our products. On our quest to provide a world-class customer solution to you, we have released quite a few major features in April. In this post, I am going […]

How to Integrate Live Chat Plugin in Wix Websites

Wix.com is a cloud-based web development platform. It allows users to create HTML5 web sites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools. In this post we will show you step by step guide to integrate live chat plugin on your Wix websites. Firstly, choose a live chat plugin which you want […]

Why Should You Delete Your FAQ Page?

If you are wondering why users don’t read FAQ, then you are not alone in the world. There are several other companies investing their time, energy and resources in writing FAQs and still, users are coming on the support chat asking the same set of basic questions. When was the last time you went and […]

How To Hire For Customer Support/Service?

Don’t hire just because they Talk well Have prior experience in international support teams Have or don’t have the technical knowledge Are ready to take a pay cut Most successful teams are so because they have the right combination of product, team, distribution, and differentiation. Here the buzz word is team. Like your product or engineering team, your […]

Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Support for Revenue Growth

Business owners rely on a lot of metrics to evaluate whether their business is growing or taking a toll down the hill. Monthly active users, month-by-month growth rate, user retention rate and what not? But at the end of the day, what matters is how your overall revenue is fairing against the cost of acquiring customers. […]

How to Add Live Chat Plugin in WordPress Websites?

If you have ever thought about building a website or a blog, WordPress must have been a top of mind recall. WordPress is an online, open source blogging and website content management system. It powers a whopping 20 million websites on the internet. It is easily the most popular option for anyone looking to build […]

How to Improve Customer Support?

Starting a company is not easy. What’s harder is hiring good people who buy-in into your vision. And what’s even harder than that? — It’s keeping your customers happy. Traditionally, the way to do this would be to hire enough manpower to cater to all the customers. A rather simple solution! Though it is not something that […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate — Release Notes — March, 2018

While most of the people were hustling through their books to end the FY18 on a good note, our tech team was burning the midnight oil to bring some awe-worthy features to you. In this post, I am listing down major feature releases for March 2018. Kommunicate, in addition to these features, will help you improve […]

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