Why Self-help is the Best Help? – Tuesday Drill, Episode 1

Tuesday Drills are Kommunicate’s inter-team brainstorming sessions. Our team sits down on every alternate Tuesday with whiteboards, markers and ideas to find solutions to most common of business problems. We will be sharing the holistic view of each session in these series of episodes. The topic for Episode 1 is: Why self-help is the best […]

Must Know Customer Support Terms and Definitions

Every aspect of your business has its own terminology. These terminologies facilitate better internal communication and also improves their customer communications. Additionally, this helps in team and individual evaluation as well. In this post, we are listing the most common customer support terms and definitions. Customer Support Terms and Definitions Average Problem Resolution Time The […]

What’s Cooking at Kommunicate – Release Notes, May 2018

After a lot of weary release nights and consistent brainstorming, we have dispatched the latest release version of Kommunicate, consisting of some awesome new features and savvy improvements. Read on to know more about Kommunicate’s release notes for the month of May.   Improved Dashboard and Reporting We have made a few noteworthy improvements in our […]

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