What’s cooking at Kommunicate — Release Notes, January 2018

The Roots — Why are we building Kommunicate? The way customer conversations and support is done has been broken, redundant, and time and cost inefficient. Seldom treated as one of the top reasons for customer churn, bad customer support can put you in the backseat in terms of customer trust, growth and efficiency, revenue. Being […]

The Power of Conversations and How to Empower Your Customer Support With it

This is an era of personalization. Since the advent of new age technology and intelligent tools, businesses have shifted the strategy from mass-appealing to granular. Sales and marketing have been heavily influenced by personalization, catering to each customer personally. It is time customer support and service industry to tread the same path. Businesses see a lot […]

5 Customer Engagement Techniques You Must Try in 2018

Tl; Dr – See our infographic:   Mobile apps and web resources that want to boost brand awareness and improve customer/prospect experience need to focus on customer engagement techniques. When a customer checks out your website/app you have only a few seconds to ensure that they find exactly what they came looking for. If they […]

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