Bot + Human Hybrid — The New Era of Customer Support

Customer Support is an immensely valuable aspect of modern day businesses. In this era of highly competitive markets, businesses are shifting towards a consumer-first trend. Hence, agile and efficient customer support becomes the need of the hour for businesses. Companies are seeking new technologies to empower their customer support to reduce customer fall outs and […]

Chatbots and Messaging Apps: The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce?

Chatbots have been making a splash online for a while now. From commentators predicting their rapid rise to e-tailers bemoaning the slow rate of progress, chatbots are certainly a hot topic of conversation. What chatbots are fundamentally offering is simple enough: get into people’s messenger apps and sell your products there. But what are some […]

Top 8 In-app Chat & Messaging Use Cases for On-Demand Marketplaces:

On-Demand Marketplaces are synonymous with spontaneity and responsiveness. Here users are accustomed to transactions taking place at the push of a button, hence their engagement level is always on a tumultuous slope. A slight nudge and they most certainly would go down that slope, only to be lapped up by one of your competitors. Consider […]

Chatbots are the future of Instant messaging

In last few months, we have seen the word “chatbot” creating a lot of buzzes. You might have even heard Mr. Zuckerberg and Mr. Nadella speaking highly of it, this would have certainly made you think “Is it the next big thing?”. Before getting to the answer, let us understand what exactly the chatbot is […]

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